Using a White Label SEO service vs. Becoming an SEO reseller

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Using a White Label SEO service vs. Becoming an SEO reseller

When I run an SEO service for my clients, I tend to buy a couple of small things from freelancers that might take me a while to do, but I brand the reports as my own when I send them to the client.  This is called reselling and has been done for a very long time, and not just with SEO; it's in every market in the world. 

When I set up a big agency type website, I might lean more towards a white-labeled service, and that's because they already have the pre-built teams in place to handle large tasks.  I don't have to worry about putting my teams together, training them on how to perform certain tasks, and paying them an insane amount of money while worrying where I'll get the next client who will be able to pay some of my bills.

Both reselling SEO being an agency and starting your own business with a white-labeled agency behind you are done countless times.  I'm sure you've purchased from one of these two types of SEO services in the past and didn't even notice it lol.

What's the difference between the two?
Both of these services revolve around SEO and rely on clients paying the owner of the business.  When working with a White Label SEO Provider, you will have a team of specialists ready to get to work once you make an order on behalf of your clients.  You will get the order/subscription payment, then you'll purchase from the white label provider, after that you'll set up an account for your client to log into, and once you've done all that you will answer any questions the client has so they stay happy. 

With a reseller business set up, you will do everything I mentioned above, but you will outsource the work to a freelancer and be the middle man.  It's almost the same as working with a white-labeled service, but you will have to do more work, and you will also have to find amazing freelancers who don't mind sending you unbranded reports.

The biggest problem you'll run into are freelancers who don't do what they're paid for, or they don't submit their work on time.  They could tell you they'll do XX high quality backlinks in 1 week, so you tell your customer that you'll deliver in two weeks, and it takes a month for the freelancer to complete the job.  Be sure to vet the freelancers before using them for your clients, trust me on this one lol.

Profit Margins for both are vastly different
When you're working with a White Labeled service, you will be targeting bigger businesses, not a pop-up website owner, and that means the pricing will likely be higher.  You'll be selling an SEO campaign for $500 to $5000 per month and profiting from 10% to 50% of each sale.  When selling bigger packages you will be happy with a 50% profit margin, but when you start thinking about how a reseller can get 400% you might think of switching up your strategy lol.

Yes, some SEO resellers are getting 400% or more profit margins because they know how to write ad copy that converts like crazy.  They tell the client everything they want to hear, collect a payment, then outsource the work for a fraction of the price and still get the client results lol.  Now, you might not get those $5,000 per month clients coming through, but you can find plenty of $50 to $100 clients willing to toss you some money after a few emails back and forth Using a White Label SEO service vs. Becoming an SEO reseller

You work more as a Reseller but work more in exchange
As a reseller, you will notice you're working much more because you have to manage the reports.  When working with a white-labeled service, you will likely be given a dashboard where they will upload the reports for your customers, and it's up to them to log in and check it out. 

Being a reseller is awesome if you don't mind handling hundreds of reports each week and being the middle man.

A White Label SEO platform relies on your good reviews
One thing I noticed, which is why I've had a few websites backed by a white-label service, is that they rely heavily on positive reviews across the internet.  You could have ten amazing reviews from fortune 500 companies, but as soon as you get that one bad one, your profits start to slip.  It starts to get more difficult to sell your services, explain why you're great at what you do, and bring clients on board because of that one-star review you got from a past client who gambled their money on the last chance at success and didn't know what they were buying.

Final Thoughts,
I love being both a reseller and using a white-labeled SEO service because they both have their perks.  I like being a reseller when I'm pitching smaller packages, stuff under $100 because it's easier to sell.  I like running a full-service SEO website that's backed by a white-labeled agency because they do great work, manage the reports, and already have teams in place to handle larger clients.  If you can somehow meld these two systems together, you will have a pretty awesome time lol Using a White Label SEO service vs. Becoming an SEO reseller

Thanks for reading Using a White Label SEO service vs. Becoming an SEO reseller

Tommy Carey


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