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social media service reject

Whenever I sell the service of social media, it gets rejected, what should I do to put social media service


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A majority of social media services aren't allowed here due to legal reasons. Ionicware, the company that owns this marketplace, was being targeted by the bigger social media platforms for letting freelancers sell services that artificially boosted someone's profile. This means they were targeting sellers that were providing likes, follows, tweets, retweets, pins, etc. and instead of Ionicware fighting a very expensive legal battle, one the would have lost, they decided to remove the option to sell social media services like the one you're trying to sell here.

There are bigger platforms, similar to this one, that have plenty of social media services for sale and the big platforms turn a blind eye towards them since these other marketplaces spend millions each year on advertising. They don't fight with them because that's one big revenue stream taken away if the other marketplace decides to not use that advertising option any longer because they're being micro-managed by the social media platform.

The same thing goes with Adwords and Google turns a blind eye to businesses that are spending astronomical amounts for ads. The website being advertised could clearly break the rules and it will get overlooked, but if you were to duplicate their site and run the same ads you would notice a ban relatively quickly.

This happens all over the internet, as well as the world, and the conclusion is that it's all about money. The more money you're giving to a company for ads, the more likely they'll look away when you break a rule, and that's a sad thing because of smaller marketplaces on the rise are being stifled before they achieve true greatness.

The thing that really sucks is that there are so many places to advertise and each of them does this. If you can spend millions a year on ads, you can promote whatever you want as long as it's not blatantly breaking the rules, and that's one way the rich are getting richer.

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Whenever I sell the service of social media, it gets rejected, what should I do to put social media service
same my services

I wanted to know if I could do the service of his social media and YouTube video view.Every day I have to create a new service.
In fact, social media works can not be dropped or stopped?
General Chat Chat LoungMy service has been active for a few months. It is not known why they were removed.

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I know this Community's staff will highly disapprove of my suggestion but I would like to let you know that if you are so much into social media, I mean the services you provide are only related to that particular niche, then you should try your luck elsewhere, there are many alternatives out there, this is simply not the right place to do it, just as you have been clearly explained to before.

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