Simple steps to landing your ideal Digital Marketing job

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Simple steps to landing your ideal Digital Marketing job

Whenever someone is job hunting for their dream digital marketing job, then think to hit the big platforms like Indeed, CareerBuilder, and Glassdoor to submit their applications and wait.  Well, what if I told you those were great ideas, but you can stick out from the crowd if you took it a step further?

Think about it, you're applying for a digital marketing position, and you're submitting a resume, a resume that is likely similar to the others that came before it.  How will you stand out from the sea of other applicants trying to get the same position you're going for?

You build a website and show them your skills!
One of the best ways I've noticed, to get noticed, is to build a personal website that brands yourself and highlights your skills.  I've done this plenty of times in the past until I said, "Screw it, I'm going big or going home!" and I started to brand myself to pull in whales (larger clients).

Not many people submit their websites within a resume when searching for a job.  They will put experience and a business website that they've worked for, but not too often do they list their own, and that's where you'll stand out.

Add plenty of optimized content
It doesn't matter what sort of job you're going for in the digital marketing arena, you will still need loads of content, and that means you will either write it yourself or hire someone to do it for you.  No worries, there are plenty of freelancers here that can write the content for you Simple steps to landing your ideal Digital Marketing job

You could put up a resume website or a website to make you look like a guru, it doesn't matter, but what does matter is if you have a dead blog or an active one.  Put content on your blog, keep adding more content, and never stop even if you get the job of your dreams Simple steps to landing your ideal Digital Marketing job

Do off page optimization and link building
You may start to think "If I'm building a website for myself, to show to recruiters and hiring managers, why do I need to do any off page optimization?" and that's because someone hiring you for a digital marketing position may want to see you have off page skills that the job requires. 

You don't have to go crazy with this one, do the minimum, but make sure that minimum is filled with high quality stuff like guest posts on 3rd party websites related to your industry.

Get plenty of certifications
This is one of the more challenging sections of this discussion since it requires a decent amount of time and knowledge, but it's not impossible, so get started today.  What you'll want to do is get Adwords Certified, Facebook Ads Certified, Certified to pour coffee, and anything else that hands out a badge when you pass some "Master Class."  When you get the badges, add them to the homepage or footer of your website, and make sure they're seen.

Run PPC ads on Facebook
After you've done everything above, which is a decent amount, you will want to run targeted ads to show to anyone that likes the companies you're trying to get into.  If you're trying to get a job at Google, then this little trick may not work, but if you're trying to get into a tech firm in your area, I'm sure the hiring managers like their business page and will now see your ads for the website you've created Simple steps to landing your ideal Digital Marketing job

Final Thoughts,
I've used the above techniques to test out job hunting techniques, and I can tell you that this works a lot better than listing your skills within your resume lol.  You'll still want to submit a detailed resume of everything you can do and what you've done, but you'll also want to leave a link in there to show them what you can do, and you're not all talk!

Thanks for reading Simple steps to landing your ideal Digital Marketing job

Tommy Carey


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