Why single product dropshipping stores do so well online

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Why single product dropshipping stores do so well online

I've been writing a lot about dropshipping lately, and that's because I've been testing out different methods to pull in sales, generate traffic, and make my stores more successful as quickly as possible.  I recently came across a Facebook ad where someone had a single product website selling a wolf mug and was making $1,000+ per day.  I thought, "Well, that's inflated, and I'm sure they're spending more than they're making," so I started to test things myself.

After testing a few dropshipping websites selling single products, I came to some remarkable conclusions that I'll discuss more below Why single product dropshipping stores do so well online

Customers don't lose focus
When you're selling a single product, it means your visitors don't lose focus because of your other products on the site.  Your visitors see your product, they don't have to search for it, and if they do leave the product page, they can find it instantly by going back to the homepage.

I understand how SEO cannibalization works, but never thought the products on my stores would be distracting people and losing me sales!

Your entire website is dedicated to a single product
The nice thing about this is that you only have to write up the description for a single product.  People who have 100s of products on their site tend to get lazy after the firs 20-30 product descriptions they write, and it shows. 

With a single product, you can get super dedicated, write about it all over your website, and show people all the benefits of your product compared to the trash on other websites.  With fewer products listed, you can invest more time into a single product page and make it look amazing, your sales pitch and ad copy are tailored for one item. It's easier to funnel people to your checkout page if you have one item compared to hundreds that distract users.

You only have to master specifics of a single product
When you have a single product dropshipping website, you don't have to know all the specifics of each item that is listed on your site.  You can focus on a single product, understand everything about it, and relay all the specifics to a potential customer.  There's much less time invested in your research of a single product and all the intricacies of it, you look it over and understand every little thing about it, then sell it to your visitors Why single product dropshipping stores do so well online

Your ads can be super targeted
One of the best things about a single product dropshipping website is that you don't have to set up dozens of ads for dozens of products and see which is selling best.  You can set up a dozen ads for one item and set your ads to show the best-performing ones.  This way, you don't have to worry as much about your split testing, you get the best ads in front of the right people, and you save countless hours each month managing your PPC campaigns.

Final Thoughts,
Setting up a single product dropshipping site is great, setting up ten of them is amazing, so I would suggest you get used to how one works and scale up from there.  You can sell a lot more of a single product since you're not distracting your visitors with 100s of other products and it's much easier to run this type of site compared to a full-blown eCommerce website Why single product dropshipping stores do so well online

Thanks for reading Why single product dropshipping stores do so well online

Tommy Carey


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