Should new online marketers get into dropshipping?

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Should new online marketers get into dropshipping?

I've been getting more into dropshipping because of the low-cost entry into selling physical products in various niches, and I've been toying around with different setups.  Most of the time, I sell 100s of products on my dropshipping sites and do decent, but I've recently started selling 1-20 products on my stores and noticing the same amount of profit coming through.

Through all of my testing, good and bad, I've decided to write this discussion to ease your mind when you decide to get into dropshipping.  You may think you need 1,000+ items on your store and selling 100s each day, which is not true, so please keep reading and let's discuss Should new online marketers get into dropshipping?

You have no inventory
The main beauty of dropshipping is that you have absolutely no inventory unless you get a random return that comes to your business or home.  This is the main reason people get into dropshipping and why they stick with it for so long.  There are a lot of people switching from running an actual product shop to dropshipping because they're sick of all the inventory they need to find storage for lol.

You can sort based on manufacturer shipping times
When I'm looking for manufacturers, I tend to go with the ones that have the best reviews.  Another way to filter this list of top sellers is to only work with the ones who have shipping times of 3 weeks or less.  Since they're shipping from overseas, it tends to take a little longer, so three weeks is pretty quick.  I will work with some manufacturers and suppliers who are longer than three weeks if they have a unique product, but not very often.

Sell one product or one thousand
What I love about dropshipping is I can sell one product or add thousands to my store and never worry about running out.  I have a Wordpress plugin called AliDropship that manages my inventory and removes items from my store if they hit five or fewer products.  This means I never sell something the supplier doesn't have Should new online marketers get into dropshipping?

Think about it; you don't have to store 10,000+ items in your home, your garage, your storage unit, or at your business because it's all taken care of by the supplier.  Pretty awesome Should new online marketers get into dropshipping?

You will need to customize the content
One of the only things that are required by you is that you need to customize the content for each of your products.  You never want to use the stock descriptions from the suppliers because they tend to have plenty of spelling errors, grammar errors, and you're going to match up with hundreds of other people who are too lazy and don't want to edit anything.

Remember, the more products you sell, the more time it will take to customize the content, so start slow and add ten items at a time, so you don't get too burnt out.  I'm sure you'll thank me in the long run lol.

Low startup costs like most websites
If you understand how Wordpress works, then you know you don't have to be a genius website developer to have something look amazing on your hosting account.  You can pay $5 a month for hosting, use a premium WordPress theme, and run your AliDropship plugin efficiently.  You don't have to spend thousands on wholesale product purchases and even more on storage space for all of it, you purchase a design along with the hosting, and you're ready to go!

Final Thoughts,
If you're someone looking to get into eCommerce, but you don't have a clue where to start, think about going the dropshipping route until you've built up plenty of experience.  You won't have to worry about inventory, logistics, storage, etc.  All you do is set up your website, load it with products from AliExpress, and manage the sales as they come in.  The startup cost is under $500, usually under $200 if you don't have fancy plugins like me, and that's a very low entry point into any business.

Thanks for reading Should new online marketers get into dropshipping?

Tommy Carey


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Why Not Bro. Dropshipping Is Really Nice Thing to Make Money online These Days But Make Sure You Choosed The Good Supplier, Best Platform, Good Niche, Setup Good Payment method to website Like Bitcoin, Paypal, Credit & Debit Card, Best theme, Cool Products, Make Sure Your Website Contains Only Two Or Three Colours Only. Let Me Tell You Best Niches: Digital Products, Fashion & Clothing, Electronics, Toys, Furniture, Home Appliancies, Beauty, Sports. I Am Highly Recommending To You. Lets Guess: You Have Listed 100 Products On Your website And 30 Products Are Ranked 1st Page Of Google Or Other Search engines And 1000 People Visited Your Website & 100 From 1000 Are Intrested In Your products And 50 Bookmarked your Product To Buy Next Week Or Next Month And After 1 Or Some Days 10 From Those 50 People Purchased Your Product: Mean Your Product Price Is $100×10 = $1000 In Two or three days Only So $1000 Is Big Amount That You can use To Advertise Your Product To Intrested People.

Thank You,
Vishal Kurmi

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Hey there,

I'm not saying people should avoid drop shipping when they start out, I'm saying they should do all the research possible and invest some time into it before they start. Plenty of people start, don't do any research, and then they get stuck in a bad position when they're not making any money because the niche they chose was something super competitive with slim profit margins.

What you'll want to do is find a niche, different from the ones you've listed, and figure out what will sell well and have almost no competition for your price points. If you can find an item that is 25% of the normal price you find online, then you sell it for double what you're paying for it, you'll still be 50% cheaper than your competitors and pulling in plenty of sales.

Your pricing of 100 items sold at a $10 profit is nice, but unrealistic for beginners, so I would hope they aim for something along the lines of 10+ sales a day and profiting $1,000+ per month. They can then grow from there, open more stores with the same formula, and make exponentially more money. The only problem is that there is a big-time investment needed from the store owner since drop shipping the right way will take countless hours to get running and be profitable.

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