Instagram marketing done right and without spamming

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Instagram marketing done right and without spamming

There used to be a lot of Instagram bots out there that would like profiles for days and pull in followers easily.  Now, you can't do that much because of all the systems in place to catch these people and ban them immediately.  I'm writing this discussion to show you how to do marketing on Instagram without spamming, getting your account suspended or banned, and bringing in traffic easily.

You can post as much as you want and use specific hashtags on each image, but that's alone won't bring in all the traffic you could tap into, which is a ton if you're familiar with Instagram!

Never send people messages
I have an Instagram profile for every website I have running, which is around 20, and I have never started a conversation with someone via a PM/DM.  I never want to come off as someone needy, or spammy, so I avoid starting conversations with people at all costs.

I will respond to anyone that sends me a message because that's the right thing to do, but I will never start the conversation by asking them how they are or if they're interested in my services lol.

Gary V's $1.80 Method
If you don't know who Gary V. is, I suggest you look him up because he's pretty motivational Instagram marketing done right and without spamming

Now then, his method is to identify the top 10 hashtags for your industry.  You can find the main one, mine would be SEO, and you will get suggestions for more hashtags, which are likely the ones that will land in your top 10. 

Now that you have your top 10 hashtags, you will want to go to them and leave your $0.02 on each of the top 9 posts for each hashtag.  After you've done this for all 10 of your hashtags, you will have left your $0.02 (two cents) on 90 posts, and that totals $1.80

You can take this even further if the industry has more content.  You could take it to a $3.60 method or even a $9.00 method, but be sure you're not spamming, and you're adding value to the post within your comment.

Follow, comment, provide value, and love images
What I like to do is use Gary V's method and tweak it a bit.  I will comment something genuine that provides value, I will follow the person who's post I commented on, and I will love the images I'm commenting on so the person knows I'm not there to siphon likes from them.

Do this along with Gary's method, and you will control your niche on Instagram over time Instagram marketing done right and without spamming

Engage with people commenting on your photos
You don't find this very often, and that's why it's so powerful.  If you start to talk with the people who are commenting on your photos, you will notice it's easier to turn them into a customer over time.  Not many people go on Instagram to make a purchase, but they will if you build a relationship with them, and commenting back to them is the first start to this Instagram marketing done right and without spamming

Always have your website linked in your Bio
This is a pretty basic thing, and people forget to do it all the time.  You MUST have your website linked within your bio if you want to generate any traffic to your pages.  You can even send people through a URL, which goes through an affiliate link, and they will click it!  If you don't have a link there, you won't make money, and we're playing this game to be successful at the end Instagram marketing done right and without spamming

Final Thoughts,
Instagram marketing isn't the toughest thing to do, but there are a lot of subtle things you need to focus on to stay fresh and get traffic, so be sure to follow everything I mentioned above and follow Gary V. as well Instagram marketing done right and without spamming

Thanks for reading Instagram marketing done right and without spamming

Tommy Carey


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I have 2 Instagram accounts and I can say from my own experience that your advice is spot on! My only regret is that having been active for much longer on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Pinterest (in order of priority) and I don't have the time to devote to my Instagram activity. I'm only one person and only have so many hours in the day to devote to my social media efforts. What is your recommendation? Should I reprioritize my social media activity and bump up my Instagram? If I do that one of my other accounts will have to go on a back burner. Which of my social media accounts should get moved down in the priority order list? I assume you are also active on social media. Which platform do you think yields the most benefits?

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There are a few ways to approach this and both are easy to do Instagram marketing done right and without spamming

The first way...
Figure out the top 3 platforms your customers are on and stick with those as your primary social media accounts. You can then hop around the next 2-3 platforms and post randomly but you don't need to devote too much time to them.

To figure out your top 3 platforms you need to understand your customers. If they're younger, you'll want to target platforms like Twitter and Instagram because there is a younger crowd there. If you're targeting an older generation, you'll want to be on Facebook and Pinterest because those are the "old people" platforms now lol.

Understand your customers and know where they're more active and it's easy to determine which platforms to be on.

The second way...
You can use a service like Hootsuite, Buffer, or Zoho Social to automate the entire process of publishing your content to various platforms. Hootsuite is really nice, but expensive overall because you have to pay an annual fee. This is why I lean more towards Buffer and Zoho Social since they allow a month to month subscription for all the same services Instagram marketing done right and without spamming I pay a little more overall but I don't blow all of my savings in one shot lol Instagram marketing done right and without spamming

I hope that helps you out Instagram marketing done right and without spamming

- Tommy

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