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Can someone tell me how free boost works please? How much people are available to see my service when i freeboost any of my services.


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As mentioned above, the amount of views you'll get depends on how many people are searching for your type of services at the time you do the boost. You could boost it and get 1,000+ views or you could boost it and get 5 views, it all depends on times and when someone is looking for you. There's no exact formula for this, you'll have to experiment, but at least you get unlimited free boosts if you're active HOW FREE BOOST WORKS?

To get a free boost you can do various things such as being active within the community discussions area, you can complete a job on time, and you can even login daily to get a boost. To use your boosts you simply go to your service page and click which service you want to use a boost on. You'll be forwarded to a page that asks if you want to use a boost, you click yes, and your service is then boosted to the top of the category it's in.

If you're in a busy category like link building or SEO then your service might not stick to the top for very long since there are many other people utilizing the free boost option. If you're in a less popular category then you'll see your service sticking to the top for longer since not as many services are getting created and that means fewer boosts being used.

You can use 2 boosts per day for a service, one every 12 hours, and that means you can be guaranteed top placements at least twice within a day for your category.

You can do a paid featured advertisement for your category and make sure your service sticks to the top of its category for 31 days, but that costs money.

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Thank you so much TommyCarey

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It depends on your service description and price.

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