hello sir, i have a question

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hello sir, i have a question

hello sir i have a question

When I search Google for keywords I want, I want to be exposed to the first page, but I don't know which service I should use.
If you let me know in detail, I will use the service.

my site(domain) :
keyworkd : ?????, ??? . . . etc


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Hi gongon,
To rank your keywords, it need to first analyze the main keywords. You can get the idea from google adwords or ahref or any other keyword research tool. After getting a complete idea about the keywords, volume of search and competition then analyze webpages which are already ranked for the keyword you like to target check their backlinks, link quality, content quality.
Content is king:
First priority is your content, you should give more importance to content if your content is more effective than previously ranked webpages then you can get a permanent better position on search engine by running seo campaign otherwise it may get ranked for short time and then rank will decrease as i have seen on projects. Quality content means not only a long articles to your targeted term but also your offer or price upon a service or product that is better than your competitors.

Optimize on-page seo:
After creating quality content then your next priority is create seo friendly content of the webpage and fix all on-page issues.

Do proper quality link building and social media optimization.
When you are choosing for link building service try to get high authority and more trust flow backlinks. When creating backlinks source must have also good niche relevant content. Properly adjust keyword density. Do or buy guaranteed indexation service only otherwise your investment will goes to waste only. You can buy backlinks and submit to any premium indexer also. When you are choosing for buying backlinks with your budget, with a high budget you can get quality press release from news sites, then choose blog guest posting on your niche relevant. Then choose pbn from trusted supplier and next you can build backlinks from other high authority websites. Never buy backlinks which are created by software for directly to your website but you can buy high amount of low quality backlinks for your tier-3,4 backlinks. It you lower level tier backlink try to get blog comments.

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