Why should everybody know photo editing?

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Why should everybody know photo editing?

Photo editing and processing are nearly as old as photography itself. Since the introduction of the photograph, picture takers have consistently strived to improve their photographs by creating them at home, tinting, conditioning, and trimming their photos to make a decent photograph incredible.

In the days when all photography was shot on film, the choice to alter and process photographs were practically restricted to experts and aficionados with a ton of time and persistence. Nowadays, in any case, the advancement of the computerized camera has implied that you never again need your own darkroom to improve your photographs. Utilizing a genuinely standard PC and some computerized picture altering programming you're basically set. 

There is without a doubt a long way to go on the off chance that you need to get into making the sort of innovative fine arts delivered by any semblance of Justin M Maller or Calvin Ho, however in case you're simply hoping to improve and address your photographs, advanced altering rushes to learn. It tends to be a bit of overwhelming in the event that you've never done it, however with a touch of training, it'll before long become natural.


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The problem with this is that it's a skill that can get automated by custom programming, and already is. You can go to big websites, pay a monthly fee, and edit your photos without knowing all the technical skills and jargon like most photo editors and photographers do.

I can take a photo with a camera, my phone, or screenshot something and upload it to a web-based photo editing platform to start editing it right then and there. I can take 5 minutes a photo and make it look amazing and never have any background in the editing profession like most people who can do this manually have.

I'm not saying it's going extinct, I'm saying that this might not be a skill that people will need for their day to day use unless they're into photography, because I can save hundreds of dollars doing it myself with a monthly subscription that allows me to edit unlimited photos by myself. Sure, there will be a learning curve to the web-based software that will help me do this, but the software is coded in a way to be as user-friendly as possible so more people can use it, which makes them more money. The more money this editing platform makes, the more customizations they make to their code, and the easier it gets for me to edit. Eventually, I'll be able to upload a photo and simply click on buttons to implement certain edits without having to do them myself, and that's another reason this skill learned less and less each year.

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Hey there from my point of view Why should everybody know photo editing?
it is caus i think its a basic and everybody want to edit his/her own pictures for a little bit just for sport heeling like so this is a small thing and why we just distrb someone for any litter job why we can't do this ?

so therefore i think we should

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