3 odd ways to find an investor to start or boost your company

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3 odd ways to find an investor to start or boost your company

Let's face it, not every business needs an investor to start, but some benefit greatly from someone coming on board and handing over a boatload of cash to help boost you up and point you in the right direction.  Not all businesses or startups will be enticing enough for an investor to come on board and drop some money in their laps, but for the few that have a unique idea, you can read below and add three odd ways to snag an investor.

Get social with your pitch
You never know who could be watching, or who will share your posts, so be sure to publish to your Facebook page or Twitter profile that you're interested in an investor to come on board.  There have been plenty of times when I've made a post public, used the right hashtags, and asked people to share so I can have the widest reach, and out of nowhere, someone PM/DMs me asking about my business.

Social media can be used to find investors if you know what you're doing.  Let's talk about Instagram, where people share images regularly and use an annoying amount of hashtags, which is what you'll be doing. 

You can write down a list of investment firms, angel investors, and top keywords an investor might be looking up and use them as hashtags.  You'll want to stay below 30 tags on Instagram, so your post doesn't get ghosted, and 10-15 on facebook, so be sure your posts are live and can be seen by everyone.

The more times you post and tag, the more likely someone will see it, and that means you could be bringing an investor on board simply because you shared something on a free social media account lol 3 odd ways to find an investor to start or boost your company

Be active on business forums
You'd be surprised how often investors go on business forums, not just LinkedIn, and talk to people.  Some investors have their favorite hangouts in real life, and others have their favorites online, which are likely business forums, and that's where you can hunt them down.

You don't want to seem pushy, but you can't be a fly on their wall, so you'll need to discuss things with them on the forum without pitching anything.  Talk to them, friend them, and eventually pitch them an idea after you've built a relationship with them.  You'd be amazed how often these people get pitched by strangers and completely ignore their requests, which is why you need to friend them and not pitch for months lol.

Send cold emails to known investors
Getting out there and in front of investors is easy when you're sending them cold emails on a regular basis.  You can set up a system that sends these emails on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to update the investors on your progress and growth until one of them bites and responds to you.

You could get an email list of 100 investors, send them all the same email on day one, send your second email on day 30 with updates, send your third email on day 60 with updates, and keep this up until they respond to you.  They will be able to crunch the numbers, if you haven't for them, and know how much quicker you'll be able to progress if they come on board.  Show them your worth, and they will gladly help you out if there's money in it for them.

Final Thoughts,
Don't be afraid of an investor because he or she has a lot of money.  Play their game, talk with them, and pitch them when the time is right.  You'd be surprised how often people get found because of a simple Facebook or Instagram post and now make millions a year because an investor contacted them 3 odd ways to find an investor to start or boost your company

Thanks for reading 3 odd ways to find an investor to start or boost your company

- Tommy


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