How to resell SEO services like a Boss

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How to resell SEO services like a Boss

Everyone has heard of how you can be a reseller and profit from other people's SEO services, but have you tried doing it yourself?  I've been reselling SEO for years as well as run my SEO agency, and I can tell you that reselling is less stressful than running your agency by far How to resell SEO services like a Boss

When I refer to "Reselling SEO Services," I'm not talking about reskinning a successful service you find here, publishing it as your own, and competing with the original seller.  I'm talking about finding excellent SEO services here, running your website, and selling specific services to help boost your own client's websites.  You're not going to compete with anyone on a marketplace because you'll be selling from your website, which people will purchase from, and you'll profit 20% to 400% depending no how much you want to charge!

Be picky when reselling services
When I decide to resell a service, I will usually pick from anyone that is level 3 or higher.  I never go with a person that is level 1, and I rarely choose a person that is level 2 unless their service is tantalizingly great. 

Stick with level 3 and higher to ensure the service provider logs in almost daily, has a good amount of past customers, and has great reviews to top it off.  If you cherry-pick from the top sellers here, then you'll have a better outcome when it comes to getting reports on time, providing great services for YOUR customers, and running a successful website How to resell SEO services like a Boss

Use a form builder like
I like using because their form builder is super easy to use, I can integrate PayPal or other payment methods, and it embeds directly into any page I want it to.  What I do is create the service page, a checkout page, which is the wufoo form, and have them submit all their information before purchasing.  As they pay for the service through my wufoo form, I will be able to see who has paid or not paid; then I'll go through the list and start ordering the services that cleared into my PayPal or bank account.

One thing that I found extremely helpful is the fact that I can take my time on one form, then duplicate it for another service and tweak the fields of the form slightly to fit the second, third, fourth, etc. services I'm reselling.  This saves a bunch of time and headaches since I don't have to create a unique form for each service.  You could also go with a form that is universal, but that could get confusing to the buyer, so I stick with unique forms for each service.

Use your own service tracking numbers
When I started reselling, I was getting 1-5 orders a day, and it wasn't too confusing, but it gets worse after you get plenty of orders continuously, and then you have to track everything.  What I like to do is create my tracking number for each service, like "Order #19203" for one of my services and "Order #49294" for another.  I will do this until I have a code for every service I'm reselling, and it makes it easier for tracking.

Since I'm using Wufoo for my forms, I can add a note to every order from the admin side, and this is where I'll put the order number.  I will place the number within Wufoo; I will then purchase the service from the seller and put the number within the first box where I'm submitting my information to the seller.  This way, I can go back to check the order, see what the order number is, and keep everything organized. 

Not doing this will get extremely annoying because you'll mix up reports, miss orders completely, and you're going to get a decent amount of chargebacks from angry buyers.

Enable live chat systems like
I LOVE because it allows me to be outside of my home, away from my computer, and still have lightning-fast support responses.  Everyone that contacts me through my live chat popup on my site will go directly to my phone, and I can respond to them immediately.  Sometimes I will have to say "Hi there,  I'm not currently at the office, but I can help you with anything I possibly can How to resell SEO services like a Boss " and the people on the other side are usually blown away because I'm working when I'm not at work lol How to resell SEO services like a Boss

Let buyers access a back end dashboard
There are a few scripts and plugins you can purchase from or that allow you to run a complete backend system for your clients to log into.  You can upload reports, update the status of the orders they have in progress, and basically give them access to the inside of your business and make them feel more comfortable. 

I love using things like this to bring people into my business not only because they feel more at home, but because I can then email them all the time after they register lol How to resell SEO services like a Boss  Yes, I get their emails when they fill out the purchase form, but it's not always a dedicated email, but their login information tends to be more credible and after they register I can send emails to their main accounts muahaha.

Final Thoughts,
If you're thinking of reselling SEO services you need to know it's a tough road.  You won't get rich immediately, you may never actually, and you need to run this as a legitimate business.  You need to make people think you're running the show, doing all of the work, and boosting their rankings instead of telling them you have freelancers that do the work for you lol.  The more you can make it seem like your services are "in house" the better it will be for your profits because you will increase the number of people coming back to buy a second, third, and even a fourth time within a month or two How to resell SEO services like a Boss

Thanks for reading How to resell SEO services like a Boss

- Tommy


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Thanks for input.

My question is, kindly breakdown the promotional methods of getting sales?

How do you promote?

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Hey Kuti101,

Since you're using a unique website and not sending people through affiliate links, you can use various PPC and Banner advertising methods to pull in traffic.

I like setting up an Adwords campaign for a few of my services and the homepage then tweaking it over a few weeks to get the best results possible. You might not be profitable at first, but if you stick to it you should pull in a decent ROI, and that's what we're all looking for How to resell SEO services like a Boss

What you'll need to do first is make sure your website is compliant with Adwords and that basically means you can't give any sort of promises or increase the visitors' hopes of getting top rankings and making a million dollars. Basically, you can't say "We guarantee page 1 rankings!" or "We will rank your website, you'll get more traffic, and you'll make more money!" because that can't be promised even if you're the best SEO service provider in the world lol How to resell SEO services like a Boss

Stick with the simple terms like "We will do what we can to boost your rankings" or "We've ranked our own websites for competitive keywords and we will try the same for yours" and you should be golden How to resell SEO services like a Boss

You can do the same with Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, and even your banner ads if you plan to run any How to resell SEO services like a Boss

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