How to Profit from Affiliate Marketing and Facebook

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How to Profit from Affiliate Marketing and Facebook

A majority of you reading this are well aware of what affiliate marketing is, so I won't go into detail about what to promote and how you get paid, so lets jump right into this lol.  Well, this discussion is about promoting affiliate programs by using Facebook ads and I know that sounds crazy, but it works quite well How to Profit from Affiliate Marketing and Facebook

Yes, you cannot promote your affiliate links directly through Facebook but you can do it by other means, and not by using link shorteners.  You will need to do a few things before setting this up, but they are free means to an end, so don't worry and continue reading How to Profit from Affiliate Marketing and Facebook

Set up a Facebook page
This is pretty basic since most of us reading this discussion understand how Facebook works.  You simply set up a page for your new affiliate website that you want to promote.  You'll need to add your website URL, make some posts, schedule some posts, add a logo, add a top image, complete the "About Us" type section of your profile, and do anything else you need to until your page looks complete and professional.

Pretty easy, right?

Boost one of your posts
You'll want to make a post on your page, something that's written in a way that will convert people into customers, and that's what you'll be boosting.  You can set up your ad right from your page and get it running rather quickly since Facebook seems to prefer keeping people on their platform so they auto-accept most ads like this in an hour or less.

What I like to do is write a little snippet of content, add my URL, add a nice image that's clickable, and then I will boost the post.  This will get my URL within the top of the ad and people can click on other sections of it to visit my page or website.

Set up a website traffic ad
Unlike the boosted post, a website traffic ad will send people directly to your pages in hopes of converting them into a customer.  You will have to link your page to this ad, which isn't a problem, and then you're ready to rock!

Be sure you're targeting is specific, otherwise, you'll get a bunch of pointless clicks, and then let your ad run for at least a week.  Your CPC will get lower as you get more traffic and clicks, which will increase your ROI, and that's never a bad thing How to Profit from Affiliate Marketing and Facebook

Make sure your affiliate links are visible
I like pushing people to my websites where I have a WordPress theme optimized to put my affiliate links and banners in the hotspots of my website.  There are a bunch of these themes out there and you can easily find them by searching Google, so I won't go into much detail about that.

One theme I really like has a static menu bar on the left side of the page.  It's always white, never moves, and is the same on every single page regardless if a video is playing or something else is there.  It stands out, my links stand out, and I get a decent amount of clicks because of the placements How to Profit from Affiliate Marketing and Facebook

Push your website in front of people, not your links
You can't bring people to your website and push links directly in front of them in hopes they'll click and sign up to the offer you're promoting.  Instead, talk about your website, your products, or your services and you will funnel people to your affiliate links over time.  You can always use retargeting in order to bring them back in and get them to sign up for something, but this is risky since it costs more money and you only make $X or $XX per affiliate sale.  If you're promoting something that makes you hundreds, or thousands, of dollars then, by all means, start your retargeting on day 1 lol How to Profit from Affiliate Marketing and Facebook

Final Thoughts,
When you're trying to push an affiliate link strategically, you can always do it through Facebook, but you have to advertise an actual website and not or something similar to that.  You will need to promote a website that is linked to your "business" page and your ads will run like clockwork.  You will get people coming to your website every single day, clicking on your links, and generating commissions for you over time How to Profit from Affiliate Marketing and Facebook  I've been doing this for years and have never had problems with my ad accounts How to Profit from Affiliate Marketing and Facebook

Thanks for reading How to Profit from Affiliate Marketing and Facebook

- Tommy


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