3 Reasons why you should still be using business cards

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3 Reasons why you should still be using business cards

Many people are going with digital signatures and other means to share information to network themselves and moving away from handing out business cards.  What you should remember is that a business card can sit in someone's wallet or purse for months and be a reminder to call you when they stumble upon it.  You should never think of a business card as a means to instant sales, because they aren't, and they should be seen as something to promote yourself to that specific person.

In this discussion, I'll be talking about the top 3 reasons you should still be using business cards, and those reasons are.

1. They are reminders to everyone you give them to.
Like I mentioned above, a business card can be a nice reminder for someone to call you.  The people you hand out your cards will more than likely toss them when you part ways, but there are a few that will hold onto your card for when they need your services at a later date.  This could be in a week, a month, or even next year! 

I've gone through my wallet a few times and come across business cards then thought "Oh yeah, John has an awesome service that I should check on again!" and I'll take a gander at what his website has evolved into and send an email letting him know I'm interested.  You'd be surprised how often this happens when you hand out business cards and that's why you can't have a churn and burn website on these cards.  You need to stick with your main website, hand out those business cards, and then funnel people to specific websites when they call or email you.

2. They can easily be shared
A business card can easily be handed out and not many people reject them.  In fact, I don't think I've ever handed out a business card and had someone say "No Thanks!".  It's unprofessional to do so and no one wants to be seen like that, so they'll take your card and either toss it or call you later. 

Since business cards are cheap, small, and easy to carry it means you can have 500+ on you and hand them out to anyone you come across.  This isn't the best marketing tactic since not everyone will be interested in what you're selling, so I would suggest doing this only at get-togethers and big networking events.

3. They are statements of who you are
A business card can be as unique as you are when it comes to the design.  You can literally put anything you want on the card, place it in different areas, and have any sort of contact information on it that you can think of.  You'll want to keep it minimal when it comes to contact options because no one wants your skype ID, 6 random email addresses, and every business location you've had over the course of your career lol.  Stick with the 3 basics of Name, Email, and Phone Number.  You can also add your website on there, but that's not a form of contact.

You can custom design your own business card, have a freelancer design one for you, or pay a company to do amazing work for a premium if you can afford it.  You can also go with plastic or metal business cards to stand out a bit more but they're more expensive and you can't carry as many around compared to paper cards.

Final Thoughts,
If you're going to do this right I would hope you go with a custom-designed plastic or metal business card with a design that looks great and is accented with your contact information as well as your website.  This will help you stand out, people are less likely to toss your card, but you'll have to be more selective when it comes to handing them out since they're pricey compared to the paper versions lol.

Thanks for reading 3 Reasons why you should still be using business cards

- Tommy


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