Money shouldn't be the reason you can't start your digital company

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Money shouldn't be the reason you can't start your digital company

In today's world, especially when it comes to a digital company, there are many free resources out there that allow you to get started quickly.  All you really need to save up for in the beginning is a domain name and hosting so you can go live.  Your website design can be a free WordPress theme, and you can work on it from there. 

In the beginning, your digital company won't look amazing, and your website won't have much to it, but if you're serious about this, you can build over time and become a top dog in your industry.  Many people started their digital businesses with less than $50 in their pockets, and now they work full time online.  When I started, I had a free website design and $50 for advertising, now I work online full time and love every minute of it!

Below are a few tips on how you can start your digital company with little to no investment upfront.

Start a free blog or website
Like I mentioned above, you can start with a Wordpress website hosted for free on and begin to build over time.  Once you to to get the hang of things, and you've saved up some money, you can get your own hosting set up and start another blog/website on there.

Eventually, you'll want to upgrade your theme, so it's more professional, which will cost $50-$100 depending on what theme you choose. 

Generate massive amounts of content for free
When you start a blog or website, you will need to add plenty of high-quality content to it if you want to rank well within the search engines.  Google, Yahoo!, and Bing all love unique content because it's what their visitors want to find when searching for something specific.  If you can provide that content, which you can write yourself for free, you will eventually rank higher within the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) and start getting targeted traffic right to your pages.

Optimize your pages as you build them
You won't need to bring on an SEO team right away because you can do all the basics on your own.  Read through a few SEO forums, websites, and blogs to figure out the common on page optimization techniques and implement them as you build your pages.

This goes for your blog posts as well; you will need to optimize them before publishing any content on your site, so the search engines find it and index you for the right keywords.  If you optimize as you build you usually don't have to go back and fix anything later on Money shouldn

Monetize your website or blog
If you don't sell anything on your blog or website, then you'll want to monetize it with ads provided by a service like Adsense.  This requires you to put a snippet of code onto your pages that will display an advertisement or multiple ads, and when people click on them, you will get a small commission.

You can't use these systems then click on the ads yourself because you will get banned almost immediately for click fraud.  Instead, place the ads strategically by checking your heatmaps with a free service and know where your visitors are looking at specific pages.  By knowing the hotspots of your pages, you can place the snippets of ad code in the right spots, and this will increase your CTR (click-through rates) and commissions over time.  The more traffic you generate through content creation and SEO, the more clicks you'll gain, and the more profit you'll put into your bank account Money shouldn

Re-invest your profits to make more money
One of the biggest problems I see when someone is launching a digital business is that they take their profits and buy stuff they don't need.  What you should be doing is taking those profits and re-investing them into the systems that are bringing in the money.  You could increase your ad spend on Adwords to bring in more customers, you could hire a writer to help produce more content for your blog, or you could hire an SEO freelancer to help boost your rankings for desired keywords and bring in even more traffic.

Don't spend your profits right away when you can re-invest them and make 2x more than you currently are.

Final Thoughts,
Money shouldn't be the only thing holding you back from starting a digital business since most of the things you need online are free.  You won't find super detailed systems to help you bring home the bacon, but you will be able to use something for free to get by and then invest in the premium features later on.  You can write your content and optimize your pages for free, so there's no reason to hold you back from obtaining traffic over time, which is why there's no excuse to why you're not starting right this very moment and trying to take over your industry Money shouldn

Thanks for reading Money shouldn

- Tommy


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