You don't need a unique idea to become rich online.

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You don't need a unique idea to become rich online.

When you're starting, you will think your idea is unique but quickly realize there are already competitors doing something similar, or they could be doing the same thing that you want to do.  Don't worry, this is entirely normal with any business and industry, but what makes you stand out will be what wins over the crowd.

You'll run into walls, have hurdles to jump over, and have competitors around every single turn when it comes to running a business, so you should never worry about how unique your idea is as long as it provides value and helps someone along their journey.  You could design something similar to another designer, developer, marketer, etc. and still sell just as many items or packages as the top person within your industry.

Think about it, how many times do you see two pairs of pants, shirts, dresses, etc. that look almost the same but sell just as quickly as one another?  It happens all the time, and that means you shouldn't worry too much about how unique your business is but how you're going to stand out compared to the rest of the field (that'll make sense later, trust me lol).

Make something better than it already is
There are plenty of products out there that seem like they were slapped together overnight and pushed into production the next day in order to make a quick dollar.  What you can do is take the customers product and see it as a prototype, then improve on it, and release your own product to the market.  If they're making a product out of cheap plastic, you make it out of metal, and people will flock to you for something higher quality.

Have you ever heard the saying, "you don't need to reinvent the wheel"?  Well, that's what this is all about, you don't need to be 100% unique when designing something for sale, you just need to edit it slightly and make it your own lol You don

Put a unique spin on a proven business model
There are plenty of successful businesses out there that have competitors sprouting up all over the place doing the exact same thing.  Why?  Because it was a proven business model and everyone knows it works.  Look at Starbucks, they have thousands of locations but that doesn't stop the smaller coffee shops from popping up and pulling in customers.  They do the same thing as Starbucks, offer similar goods, and they may do something slightly different that pulls in unique customers who may not like Starbucks. 

Use a proven business model that is already profitable and build off of it.  Target the people who aren't huge fans of the main business in your niche and you can build an anti-competitor following that could turn into a bigger group of people that the ones who like the top player in your niche You don

Make sure your customer service is top-notch
Again, look at Starbucks and how friendly they are when you talk to them inside or through the drive-through.  They're always friendly and have a smile on their face and that's what usually separates them from the rest of the coffee shops out there.  I prefer Dunkin Donuts for my coffee because it's cheaper and essentially the same thing, but the people there don't always have a smile on their faces, which is the only thing I don't like about it.

I go to Starbucks for my wife and get her a coffee, which is why I know the differences between the two top players, and I notice the lines at Starbucks are 2x longer than the ones at Dunkin even though Starbucks costs 40% more for a coffee You don

If you can keep people happy and provide a good product or service, you will see people coming back time and time again for what you have for sale You don

Provide value at a cheaper rate than your competitors
I know I just said that Starbucks costs 40% more than Dunkin but they're getting more sales, but if you're just starting out you will quickly notice that no one wants your products or services.  What you'll need to do in the beginning is offer everything at a lower price than your competitors and bring in your first wave of buyers and orders.

After you've successfully completed the first wave, they will hopefully leave positive words of encouragement on their Facebook pages, Yelp Pages, blogs, forums, Reddit, etc. and that will help you build your brand rather quickly.

Over time you can increase your pricing gradually so you're more in line with the top competitors, but you can't do it in one jump, it has to be over the course of a year or two and in small increments.

Final thoughts,
When someone says "You need a unique idea to make money online" you can tell them they're insane and will likely go broke paying all their programmers and designers for unique website designs that will do just as well as your $70 WordPress theme lol You don  You don't have to be unique, you have to be good, and that's all that matters.  Be good when it comes to a quality product, be good when it comes to your customer service, and be good at everything else that relates to your business so you can prosper without having something 100% unique You don

Thanks for reading You don

- Tommy


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