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For the past few days, my service has been devoid of customers. The view also increases very little each day, I don't know why 


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This could be due to various things that are hard to explain unless you had admin access to analytics and a tracker that showed which pages and services of this website are ranking well and which ones are not.

A few reasons you may see a drop in sales and traffic

SEO drop
You could notice a drop in your sales and views because the section where your services are listed could not be getting as much traffic due to a search engine update. SEOclerks could have dropped in rankings for the specific keywords that were bringing in sales for services like yours which would drop your views and sales.

You're not funneling traffic
A big reason a lot of people see a drop in their sales is because they aren't funneling traffic to their own services well enough. You might not be interlinking your services, you might not be advertising them on social media, and you may not bring in as much traffic as you thought you were.

You're not using your free boosts
Everyone can gain free boosts for their services and it's up to you to activate them ever 12 hours. If you're not using your free boosts, you won't get as many views, and that means you probably won't get as many sales coming in. All you have to do in order to gain free boosts is to deliver a service on time, log in daily, be active on the discussion section of this site, and you should gain enough boosts to cover your services. You can gain up to 5 free boosts per day that can be used for any of your services.

You're not using any paid advertising methods
If you're not featuring your services then you will not get a lot of internal traffic directed to them in order to generate a sale. You can pay for a category featured spot or a homepage featured spot and bring in many more customers than if you were to rely solely on free boosts or luck when someone searches. A category featured spot is much cheaper than a homepage featured spot since a homepage featured spot is around $1,500 right now, so go with the category feature and stick your service to the top of its category for 31 days and bring in more sales Fungsi Boost Service

Sales drop around Holidays
Almost all of the digital sales will drop around Holidays or days that are similar to a holiday, and there's nothing much you can do about it. I've seen my sales drop around Halloween (last week) and they are starting to rise slowly now. This happens to every website around the world and the bigger the holiday is, the lower your sales go, and the wider the effect spreads for a few weeks. You'll likely notice a drop in sales around Thanksgiving (the last Thursday of November), and a big drop that comes about 3 weeks prior to Christmas (December 25th) and lasts until after New Years (January 1st). You'll need to plan your finances accordingly if you are relying on your profits from freelancing because your sales can drop to pretty much zero at these times if the platform you're on isn't getting enough traffic.

I hope that helps ;)

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Thank you, sir, for your enlightenment Fungsi Boost Service

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I offer design services, but I'm still confused about where the right tag to market my services

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Keep Believe when you have a hard time, You will find Succes Career Here.
Keep Growing, Never Give Up!
Try Your Best.

I Hope you can Grow Like all other freelancer.

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