How to keep people on your site, so they're more likely to make a purchase

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How to keep people on your site, so they're more likely to make a purchase

When you set up a website, you'll usually think about how much money you can make and not always how you can funnel people to specific pages to keep them on-site and increase the chances of making a sale.  Well, that's all going to change if that's how you think, and you're reading this discussion!

Over the years, I've been playing around with websites, blogs, splash pages, funnels, etc. and trying to boost their conversions as much as possible while keeping people on site as long as possible.  This isn't something that a novice can learn on day one of a course they're taking, so it's a good thing you've stumbled across this post How to keep people on your site, so they

Place your CTAs strategically
When you start with your first website, you might want to place your CTAs (the links people click on your site) right in front of them, so they see it immediately.  I can tell you that this isn't the best business practice because the more significant buyers will see this as you being pushy and looking for a quick sale.

If you want to run a credible business and website that gets conversions while keeping people on-site, you'll need to add your CTAs after compelling content that boosts their spirits.  Add your links after a super positive testimonial talking about how John Doe has made $45,000 this month by incorporating your services alongside his own.  If you can show people something positive, something that gives them hope, and then put a CTA right after it, you will notice them clicking through and continue reading How to keep people on your site, so they

Make use of Exit Intent Popups
One of the best ways to keep people on your website is by using an exit-intent popup.  You know, those popups that show when you move your cursor away from the site and go to type in a new domain or open a new tab? 

An exit-intent popup can be linked to any page you want, or it can offer a discount coupon to convert people into paying customers.  Whatever you do, you should link to a different page, so when they click the link it counts as another pageview and reduces your bounce rate lol How to keep people on your site, so they

Make sure your content is engaging and visually appealing
No one wants to see a wall of content when they get to a website, so be sure you create each page like it's a work of art.  Add high quality images that don't take long to load and make sure your content is crafted in a way that keeps the reader engaged.

If you can do this, while keeping the reader scrolling down your page, you will likely get them to stick around for a bit and read another blog post or make a purchase.

Write high quality content that can be skimmed through
This sounds pretty backward, but it will make sense shortly, so keep reading lol.

High quality content that can be skimmed through is something that takes a bit of talent to create.  You mainly have to focus on your titles and sub-titles of the article or post so someone can skip certain sections and only read the ones that interest them.  You can even give someone quick links to the sub-sections of the article or post and allow them to bounce around the page in order to read what they really want to.

If you can do this, it will keep them on the page long enough to interest them and they won't have to sift through your content to find what they're looking for How to keep people on your site, so they

Final Thoughts,
If you can do all of the above with every post on your website or blog, you will reduce your bounce rate, increase your sales, and keep your readers happy along the way.  It takes time to do this and get used to how it works, but once you get the hang of how to craft your page you can duplicate it and swap out the content to create a new page targeting different keywords or topics How to keep people on your site, so they

Thanks for reading How to keep people on your site, so they

- Tommy


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