Can anybody suggested me what i can improve?

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Can anybody suggested me what i can improve?

Can anybody suggest to me , what can I improve in my services to get more orders and beat the competition?
Thank you

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Hey AmanPrasad,

I looked over your services and they seem to be written pretty well compared to some sellers here that complain about not getting any sales. They'll usually have 1-2 sentences briefly describing what they can offer along with a "Buy From Me Now!" statement at the end which will put off most of their potential buyers lol.

I did notice that you have a good amount of design services but you don't have many images embedded within the service descriptions. I know you can add them as a part of the thumbnail in the upper right of your service description, but not many people click on those. Instead, add them into your service descriptions so people don't have to click the thumbnails or click through to your portfolio site. Doing this will keep them on page, keep them reading, and encourage them to purchase from you because it proves you know what you're doing.

Another thing you can try is bumping your services on a regular basis. You seem to have a decent amount of services, which is good and bad when it comes to bumping, and that's because you could run out of bumps quicker but you can get more services on top of the category they're in throughout more of the day. You can buy bumps for pretty cheap or you can gain free bumps by participating in the community discussion, delivering a service on time, and various other tasks. I tend to participate in the discussion are more than most people and I've racked up hundreds of free bumps over time, but I only have one service to bump so I can only use a maximum of 2 free bumps a day since they last for 12 hours. This doesn't mean you will bump your service to the top of its category for 12 hours, it means you can bump it to the top and it will stay there as long as other people don't bump their services and push you down the page.

To avoid getting bumped down the category page, you can opt for the category featured position that will bring in a flow of sales since your service will be stuck at the top of your category for 31 days. The more competitive your category, the more people will pay for this position, so you may not see a crazy ROI here. I love the category featured position because my writing services stand out and I get a decent amount of attention from anyone looking to make a purchase from a quality content writer Can anybody suggested me what i can improve?

You can also opt for the homepage feature but it's a bit more expensive sitting at $1,500 per month on average. This used to be a flat fee of $500 per month but it was recently changed to a bidding system and now the highest bidder gets one of the 20 homepage spots available.

I see you're now level 2, which is awesome, and that means people wills tart to trust you more Can anybody suggested me what i can improve? The toughest part of selling on any marketplace is getting people to purchase from you soon after you create an account. Not many people want to take a chance on a new seller because they're never sure how dedicated they are. If you stick with it, you'll rise through the ranks, and your level alone will convince people you know what you're doing and they will buy from you without thinking Can anybody suggested me what i can improve?

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Thanks for the help
It will definitely help me to increase my sales
Thank you tommycarey

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