7 Common Web Design Mistakes

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7 Common Web Design Mistakes

Don't Get Caught Looking Unprofessional

When it comes to creativity, web designers have it in spades. But, can too much of a good thing be all bad? Below are seven design mistakes that could turn folks away from your website.

Look at Me!

That's what you want your website to say, but without blinding the audience. Business websites are looking for a unique way to announce their presence that gets the attention of viewers and keeps it. At first glance, they are interested, but what they find upon further observation may cause them to think twice. Avoid ushering them in, only to push them back out with what they see.

Seven Mistakes You Don't Want to Make with the Design of Your Website

1. Poor navigational skills ? On your part, that is, not that of the viewer. The first thing anyone wants to know when they visit your website is how to get around. They need a map. Place site maps in conspicuous places. Also, headings need to be prominent and self-explanatory. It might be cute to use the term Loo as a heading but if you live in the United States, Bathroom is going to get a better response. And when visitors can't get past the home page, they leave altogether.

2. Illegible font ? It might seem cool to use a gothic style font on a Halloween website for effect, but those who are trying to read it won't think so. If viewers stumble over your content for ten minutes trying to figure out what it says, they will take their business elsewhere. That?ll be pretty scary for you.

3. Clutter everywhere ? You can have as many pages as you want for your website. Everything doesn't have to squish on the same page. In fact, too many images, buttons, text, and sounds lead to sensory overload. Tone it down and space your content accordingly.

4. Contact information non-existent ? Just because you create a business entity on the internet doesn't mean that phone numbers, email addresses, and physical addresses are a thing of the past. Customers will use a variety of contact methods to reach you. Make sure that they can do that.

5. Poor form ? We are not talking about your dance moves, but your registration and opt-in forms. Only ask for the information you need.

6. Background check ? You may not be a criminal but that background is. Dark font on a dark background or dark images with a dark font won?t make readers happy. Avoid this combination and save a reader's eyesight. Preview pages to ensure that you can read them easily. If you can?t, neither will your audience. 

7. Keep it seamless ? Images and color schemes should match the purpose of your website. From page to page, vary the images and content but not the color scheme to provide continuity. Too many styles mixed together gives a schizophrenic feel to the entire site and viewers can become easily distracted.

Creativity does make your site unique, but too much of it and everything becomes a disaster. Keeping everything at its simplest level works best.


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Thanks for sharing! That's very useful.

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Too much Javascript and CSS effects is another mistake. A little is a great way to beautify your site, but too much can hurt it. All of these scripts and CSS effects require CPU time, and can make your site become unresponsive for the user if they are running several browser tabs.

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8. Website Speed
When designing a website you'll want to make sure the page load times are as low as you possibly can get them. I've seen small pages take a while to load and I've seen large pages take 0.5 seconds to load. If someone is designing a website for you and they don't understand how to optimize your page load speeds, it's time to talk with someone else who does lol.

Sure, there are plugins you can purchase from sites like that will speed up your sites load times exponentially, but those are pricey for beginners and not everyone knows how to use them. What I would suggest is using images that fit to the size they appear on screen and don't use something that's 1000x1000 when all you need is a 50x50 thumbnail. If you do this a bunch of times you will skyrocket your load times due to each image actually loading the 1000x1000 image and showing the 50x50 on your site (I've done this in the past lol).

Another thing you should think about is the hosting plan your website is on. If you're running a WordPress website, put it on a host that specializes in WordPress websites, and you will see your load times get better. If your site is custom coded then it might not matter what host you put it on as long as it's not GoDaddy because their servers are flooded with so many websites it's like the puppy mill of hosting companies. They'll jam 100 websites on a server and do nothing about it until there is a complaint. Even if you experience problems with your load times due to the hosting, they won't give you any sort of credit 7 Common Web Design Mistakes Stick with NameCheap, Hostwinds, or WPMUDEV hosting if you have a smaller website that will get under 1,000,000 pageviews a day 7 Common Web Design Mistakes

9. Low-Quality Logo
Your logo is like a business card that your website is handing out to every visitor that graces your pages. If your logo looks like it was designed using MS paint then you're not going to do very well unless you're selling MS paint classes lol 7 Common Web Design Mistakes

Hire a freelancer like Sajeewa and call it a day. He can get you an amazing looking logo for a fraction of the price a website specializing in logo designs can. I've always had a good outcome when ordering from him here and I'm sure you will too. He's gotta be good, he has over 1,000 positive reviews on his logo service and that's not something he did overnight 7 Common Web Design Mistakes

10. Not Responsive
Not only will Google love you more if your website fits perfectly within all mobile devices but your visitors will get addicted to your pages when they don't have to pinch and pull your page around their screen in order to read something. Having a responsive design today is common practice after Google announced they're giving priority to mobile-friendly website designs within their rankings. This basically means that if your website isn't mobile-friendly, if it's not responsive, you will get outranked by a competitor over time even if their website has a lower DA, less traffic, fewer backlinks, and is less of an authority than you are.

If you're purchasing a theme from a designer on a marketplace then be sure it's responsive. If you're hiring a designer and programmer for some custom designs then make sure they can make the pages responsive so your visitors love the site you launch 7 Common Web Design Mistakes

11. Seems to be Pushy
This isn't so much a design feature but more of a personality feature that your website is portraying. If people land on your website and are inundated with pop-ups or you have dozens of ads on your pages, the visitor will leave and never come back. Instead, make your website more inviting by having a couple ads and maybe an exit-intent popup letting them know they can sign up for your newsletter to receive discounts and quality information right to their inbox.

If you're abusing your visitor's sight by forcing them to click around in a fashion that is annoying, they will leave your website before they ever see an ad, read about your services, or add something to their shopping cart. You'll want to have an inviting website that keeps people around and want to purchase from you multiple times. Retarget them with lovely ads offering discounts and welcome them back if they do click through lol.

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A good article,Everything is short and clear, very...

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as these i suggest think about speed optimization also

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