The Pros and Cons of Building Your Website from Scratch

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The Pros and Cons of Building Your Website from Scratch

You are in business to make money, not to lose it or give it away. While this is essentially true of all business enterprises, certain tasks could be costing you more when not handled professionally. Keep reading to discover the pros and cons of creating a business website yourself as opposed to using a knowledgeable programmer.

Can I Do This Myself?

Nowadays, do-it-yourself is all the rage. From fixing plumbing issues to putting an addition onto your home, getting your hands dirty is preferable to calling in someone who will charge you $75 just to walk in the door. The same can be said for website design. Companies offer templates that unfold with a click and do most of the work for you.

Constructing your website from scratch can save you money. With a few tutorials on coding, the basics can be learned. Setting up your website can take a few hours but if you already have a game plan and design strategy in mind, this can cut down on time. 

You also learn something new. The brain is always in need of new neural pathways to keep it active and strong. What you learn about HTML and other coding languages can benefit the creation of future websites and blogs. If you develop a genuine interest, there are classes, books and more in-depth tutorials for additional knowledge gathering.

What Did I Do?

There is also another side to DIY website creation. Let's talk about that for a minute. Your website may not look as professional as you would like. Small nuances that a programmer might tweak are often missed by a novice. And, for your viewers, they can spot a less than professional job readily and will shift their attention to your competition instead. 

Any task that you handle in business has a time requirement attached to it. When you are unfamiliar with the technical aspect of the task, such as website creation, there is also a learning curve. What was meant to save you time and money will end up costing you more in lost revenue, time away from other marketing strategies, as well as the cost of bringing in a professional to fix what you have cobbled together. 

Your website may come out looking great, on the other hand. But, if you've used a website design tool for ease of use, then the website most likely will resemble hundreds of others, but with your name on it. A business that is poised to make money and command its industry needs a unique aspect and branding. You won't find that using cookie-cutter software and templates.

How will you handle the question of website creation for your company? The final decision is up to you.


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It's nice to see a well-written article here. Great job, NinjaSalesGroup The Pros and Cons of Building Your Website from Scratch

As for the entire process of website design, I try to avoid it because not only does it take a lot of time, I'm not very good at it lmao The Pros and Cons of Building Your Website from Scratch

I like sticking with high quality WordPress themes from ThemeForest or using the Divi theme builder from ElegantThemes because it's a much easier process than learning HTML, CSS, PHP, etc. I can simply upload the theme to my WordPress dashboard and edit what I need to without dipping into the actual code of the site lol.

Don't get me wrong, I do love my customizations, and I've been working with a few programmers and designers around the world when I do need something that is far beyond my skill set lol. One of my main guys knows what I like, he knows I don't micro-manage, and I trust him to give me an honest quote for his time invested because we've been working together for so long. We've had a few intricate sites in the past and my main programmer did the work of 10 people in half the time! He's a true legend when it comes to programming and I don't give out his business information much unless I don't have a project for him to work on lol The Pros and Cons of Building Your Website from Scratch

As for the design side of things, I will use stock images I find on Unsplash and other free stock sites as long as they look amazing and aren't obvious stock photos that have been used a million times. I will also use freelancers like Sajeewa to do my logo design and if I need any image editing I will contact a few people here to get the job done The Pros and Cons of Building Your Website from Scratch

I can literally contact 5-6 freelancers to get some work done and it will cost me 100x less than if I were to contact a web design company and have them do the work from scratch. I never see the need for a website that is 100% custom from the first string of code to the last when I can purchase a pre-made design from ThemeForest and get it customized for much cheaper by professionals that definitely know what they're doing The Pros and Cons of Building Your Website from Scratch

Gotta love freelancers, right? The Pros and Cons of Building Your Website from Scratch <3

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