How can you understand Business Solutions

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How can you understand Business Solutions

Many People have been unsuccessful simply because of lack of techniques. Every Business has the order of Business. One. Desire to do Business two. Do a research on the Business You want to do. Three prepare the capital. Four Be a good Monitor of your Business. Five look for the right place to put your business. Thanks


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Hey Mabindada,

I'm not completely sure where you're going with this discussion, but you are right when you say every business needs to do research, prepare for captial (or sales coming in), monitor your business, and put your business in the right places like sharing your links to blogs and other websites.

Over the years I've done countless hours of research for each website I want to launch. I've always thought it's better to do 100 hours of research for a website idea than to build one and spend $100s to figure out it should never have been started. Time is money, but wasting money isn't something I like doing, so I'd rather do the research ahead of time to know if the idea is going to flop or be profitable How can you understand Business Solutions

When a business is preparing for sales, or capital, they're basically just setting up various accounts like PayPal, Skrill,, etc. in order to collect payments and make sure everything flows well. I do know some people who only set up PayPal accounts for collecting payments, which limits who you can target, and they think that's perfectly fine even though they sell to a global market How can you understand Business Solutions Be sure to set up as many payment methods as you possibly can even if you don't use one every single month. I rarely use but I'll offer it to a potential buyer if they want to pay me directly with a credit card and don't want to go through PayPal. I tend to only offer this option to people within the United States because there is a large number of chargebacks when offering credit card payments to anyone outside of my own country How can you understand Business Solutions

Monitoring your business is just as important as the initial research stages because something could go wrong and you might not know it if you're careless. If you're monitoring your traffic, your rankings, your PPC campaigns, etc. you will know what's going on and why you're doing better or worse in an area. There are plenty of 3rd party services like ahrefs, semrush, serpfox, etc. that track a lot of stuff for their customers and I'm sure they would make a lot more money if people cared about their statistics a little more. Most of the people reading this discussion will agree that tracking everything you possibly can is a smart thing to do when it comes to your website, but you'd be amazed at how many people don't track a single thing after their websites are set up :'(

As for the "right places to share your website" I tend to think of this as guest posting, running ads, and posting to social media accounts to get my website in front of the right people. If you can do this perfectly, you might not need to do much when it comes to SEO, but you'll always want to be ranked #1 just in case someone doesn't see your ads lol How can you understand Business Solutions

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