How to receive payments on Paypal for the first time

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How to receive payments on Paypal for the first time

Hi My name is Piyush. I want to know that why I never receive payments on paypal, I have no issues on paypal my account is in good standing to receive International Payments but then also i never received. Today I have done 1 request but no activity on paypal.


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Hi, I'm not an expert. I'm giving my opinion from y experience.

Withdrawal from Ionicware take maximum 5 minute which is also more then enough it literally arrive in 1 min after you successfully withdraw funds from you account and of course you've to add your email on settings first before withdrawal.

Changing withdrawal details make your account unable to withdraw for next 24 hours for verification to avoid fraud/scam.

If you request PayPal withdrawal and receive arrival mail but PayPal not arrived in your PayPal account please double check your email address, Maybe you have more than a single email address, So i suggest you to use primary email of your PayPal account.

If funds already deducted from your account and haven't receive PLUS you entered right email address so please contact staff immediately. Open your ticket Here

Thanks, Hope this would be helpful.

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