How to make my service is purchased

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How to make my service is purchased

Hello everyone!
My name is Alfan Hanan i recently joined in seoclerks and i want to know,,,how to make my service is purchased I very want to sell my service
please buy my service so that i can learn in this job in order to succes in this website
For Pro freelancer can i know to be succes freelancer


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First thing is, Make a lot of Service that suitable for you
And Make your Profile looks Promising for the buyer.

Also, you need to become more active in Community Discussion

Thank You
Yours Sincerely, Rehiga

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Hey FranzXx,

A few things I can see that are holding you back.

Your Designs
Compared to a lot of the top designers here, your logos aren't quite as good, and that could be why you're not getting as many sales as some other people here. I'm not trying to be rude, I'm just being honest, and I think you can do great things if you touch up on some of your design skills and read a few tutorials.

Your Service Description
I read through the description of your service and it wasn't very good. Take your time when writing this because it's what will sell your service before anyone decides to contact you. Write up a bunch of facts about your service such as how it's affordable for every website owner, the designs come with unlimited revisions and various other things that will persuade someone to purchase from you. Go into detail about certain things related to yourself like you've been in business for XX years, you have XX years of experience, or you've done XXX logos for websites around the world. The more credibility you can show your potential buyers, the more likely they'll make a purchase, and that's what we all want as sellers How to make my service is purchased

Your Service Description (Part 2)
You need to add some photos to your service description so people know what you can do. If you're a logo designer then you should have designs on hand that you can show people. You can upload your designs and put them directly into your service description for people to look at. Check out Sajeewas logo design services and see how he set everything up. He's one of the top logo designers here and I've purchased from him many times in the past and never would have if his service description wasn't perfect. You need to show people examples of your work, more than what you can upload as the thumbnail, and that will help you get more sales.

You will also want to add in any positive reviews you've gotten from past clients. All you have to do is use a screenshot tool like Gyazo and snip the image right off of the page. Save the image to your computer and upload it to the section of your service description where you want to show it. I did this will my service and it seems to work extremely well How to make my service is purchased

Set up multiple design services (like Rehiga mentioned)
If you set up multiple design services, in various categories, you will spread your net wider and pull in many more views on your services. You can pair this up with interlinking your services together and sharing traffic between them, increasing the chances of getting a sale. I've recommended this to plenty of sellers and noticed a lot of them doing it and making more money because of this one little trick.

Advertise Your Services
You can purchase a featured spot on the homepage or within your category for a fee. The homepage featured spot cost a lot but the category featured position is much more affordable for everyone to try out. This should bring in some additional sales and get you on your way to building a bunch of positive reviews that you can then add to your service descriptions and generate even more sales How to make my service is purchased

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I have change my description what so you think?

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