Sell Service for hour base some body who know please help me

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Sell Service for hour base some body who know please help me

How can i sell my service ? i want give someone who want website manager and his website all kind of management i ensure buyer for wonderful service . if buyer want me hour base work i am agree but i don't know SEOclerks  has hour base working opportunity or not.  some body help me who experience in this marketplace    


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Hi, SEOClerk doesn't have hour base system that you can your buyer need, But you both guys can create custom order and decide how many hours you wanna work for your client, earlier.

Thanks, Hope it would be helpful for you.

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Hey arifuarshik,

There is no option to do an hourly job for a client here on SEOclerks but you can set up a service that will provide your service for 1, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40+ hours each week and they will pay you every Friday or the day you agree upon with the buyer of the service.

What you can do is sell a service for 1 hour of work to be completed. It looks like you want to do website management, so it would be 1 hour of website management for $X.

What you can then do is add on some services for a pre-set amount of hours and let people purchase from you. They can buy your main service for one hour and select the 20-hour add-on to get your management services for 21 hours in total for the week. This will also allow them to purchase 40+ hours of your time, so you'll need to be careful because some people may purchase all of your add ons and that would mean you'd need to do website management for 106 hours a week. That would mean you'd be working 21.2 hours a day if you worked Monday through Friday lol Sell Service for hour base some body who know please help me

Be sure to add in a clause that says you can work a maximum of 40 hours per week for a client and a maximum of 50-60 hours a week in total. This will mean you get paid a decent amount of money to manage 1-2 websites per week. You will need to suspend your services once you get a few people subscribing to your services so you can genuinely work for these people and not accept 100 customers totaling 400 hours a week (which isn't possible).

You could them add your services to the website management category or set up a service that sells your time as a virtual assistant and bring in more sales that way.

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