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Features services Stay On Homepage

Hi I have Try Two Times Buy Paid Bumps But No orders I want to if I buy 50 Dollars Feature Service Then My Service Show On Home Page  ?


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Your Service won't Show up on a Home page.
To make your service in the SEOClerks homepage
Please check this Link:

Thank You
Your Sincerely, Rehiga

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$50 only for featuring on your category page, to make feature on home page you need to buy home page feature service at $1500/month. This service was $500 previously and now this month it's price hiked 3 times. Before taking premium service be ready to deliver each order on correct time. Since when you feature on home page you will definitely get orders and must fix higher price since you already invested $1500 in a month.

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Hey hafiz,

What you're talking about is the category featured advertisement that will put your service on top of your category for 31 days and pull in customers. It's much cheaper than the homepage feature, which is $1,500+ right now, and I tend to prefer the category feature more than the homepage feature because the ROI is much less stressful lol Features services Stay On Homepage

I've never actually advertised on the homepage because I thought it was too expensive for what I was doing and now it's far out of my reach at $1,500+ lol. I tend to stick with the category feature and using free and paid bumps when I'm not advertising. This brings in a steady amount of customers each month and it's just enough to keep me selling here Features services Stay On Homepage I might try out a paid homepage featured spot if I want to spend $1,500 but for right now I'll stick with the category feature.

The best thing about a category featured spot is that the people who happen to come across your services are the ones who are already looking for what you're selling. When you advertise on the homepage you're putting your service in front of absolutely everyone that comes to the site and not everyone is looking for what you have for sale. Most people come here for specific things like SEO, SEM, Content Writing, Logo Design, etc. and they tend to avoid sifting through the homepage and go right to the category they're interested in.

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