How to be successful as a web development Freelancer

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How to be successful as a web development Freelancer

I joined SeoClerks at the end of the 2018, after which I did not work, I want to work in SEOClerks as a web devoloper and SEO expert. please  give me some advice on how can i work successfully. I want to work with PhP,Laravel,codeigniter, WordPress, SEO


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Edit Your Service information to be More Professional
Also, The Title is not Professional.

Try to Decrease the Service Price, You need Customer here. So you need to offer them With Your Low Price High-Quality Services So that you could Earn more customers to Grow Up.

Thank You
Yours Sincerely, Rehiga

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Hey Arifurashik,

Start off by setting up various services so you can target all the categories you possibly can. You have multiple things you can do but you only have two services available for purchase, which means there are at least a dozen you can create and interlink to share traffic between them.

As Rehiga said, make your titles and descriptions as professional as possible.
Your service "Start Your Wordpress Responsive Website with SEO" won't attract many people with that title.

Instead, type it like this "Design a Responsive WordPress Website Combined with SEO Techniques" and you should get some more views because it tells people you'll make them a website that is responsive and you're adding in the SEO for free How to be successful as a web development Freelancer

Your service "I want to create a responsive webdesign with html/css only for you" turns me off as soon as I start reading it because it makes me think you created a job for people to bid on but put it in the wrong section of the website. Instead of typing "I want" you should be using "I will" so your title looks like "I will create a Responsive Website using only HTML/CSS" and it should get more clicks and possibly a sale or two.

Your service descriptions can use a bit of work as well because they look pretty plain and don't make me want to read down the page very much. Not only are the descriptions short and bland, but they also don't have any images showing what you can do, and that's something you definitely want to add in if you have a design service. People want to see what you've done in the past so you should be adding some screenshots to your service descriptions in order to give them what they're seeking. I wouldn't link to the websites you've designed, unless you own them, because people will send messages to the owner of the site asking about you.

You should also be interlinking your services at the bottom of the descriptions in a section like "My Other Services". This will allow people to see all the other services you can do for them without them having to search through your profile for them. This little trick has helped countless sellers boost their sales in a short amount of time because it opens up gateways to services the potential customers might be looking for. If a buyer liked one of your services then they'll likely love another one so be sure to link to it lol How to be successful as a web development Freelancer

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