How to attract the attention of clients, for graphic designers who are still level 1 like me

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How to attract the attention of clients, for graphic designers who are still level 1 like me

I already joined with Seoclerks 2 weeks ago, but there is no interested person, please tell me how to be more attractive to clients, so they are interested to my services. 


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Hey YazidAgung,

I looked over your services a bit and here is what I think would help you out...

Your thumbnails
All of the thumbnails for your services are the exact same. One thing that a lot of top sellers here do is make custom thumbnails for each of their services in order to keep them as unique as possible from one another. This also helps when someone will go to a sellers profile to look for a specific service, they will find the image of that service, and click through without really having to look for it.

Your Descriptions
All of your descriptions lack images, besides one of them, and that's not a good thing especially if you're selling a graphic design service. You'll want to add in plenty of examples to show people before they buy so they know for sure you can do what they are requesting of you. Go check out some of the top sellers here and you'll notice they have dozens of examples of previous work they've done and they sometimes have links to their own portfolios so someone can check out loads of pages filled with examples. If you have a bunch of examples you can add them to your service descriptions or make a portfolio site and link to them. Just be sure you're not selling on that site because you could get your account suspended here from trying to take sales off of this marketplace and do work with them personally. If you don't want to set up a portfolio site you can use something like Flickr and link to your profile so people can see your previous work.

Your Pricing
You'll want to start as low as you possibly can without killing your motivation. I see your services are priced between $1 and $2 so I would suggest making the $2 services a $1 service since that's not a big difference. The difference a single dollar makes is huge and you could potentially pull in a few more clients by simply charging $1 less lol.

After you've accumulated a decent amount of sales and reviews you can then increase your pricing and the clients will keep coming in. This is what I did with my writing service even though I knew I was going to be at $25+ per 500 words. I priced my original service at $8 or $10 in the beginning and started to get a few sales. After I got ten sales I increased the pricing to $15 per 500 words and then to $20 per 500 words when I hit 35 sales. Right now I'm sitting at $25 per 500 words and I'm still getting sales because I have taken my time to set up my service and write an amazing description that is formatted perfectly, has reviews, has quotes, and has strategically priced add-ons How to attract the attention of clients, for graphic designers who are still level 1 like me

Show Some Reviews (when you get them)
Like I mentioned above, you'll want to show some reviews within your services so people know you've had sales and people liked what you did for them. This is the most basic form of social proof you can use and it works extremely well. As soon as I added a few positive reviews to my service description I was getting more sales. Now, I'm charging more than a $1 article so my "flood" of sales is more like a stream of select individuals who prefer high quality content over spun content from someone that doesn't speak their native language. If you do this, you too can have a steady stream of customers purchasing from you whenever they need something your services can provide How to attract the attention of clients, for graphic designers who are still level 1 like me

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What you have to do is
Boost your sales by adding more Services.

Try to Make a long and detail Service Description.
And upload your Work to the Attachment, to make sure people will see your Samples.

Thank You
Your Sincerely, Rehiga

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