How to be successful as a Digital Freelancer

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How to be successful as a Digital Freelancer

When you start your online journey as a digital freelancer you'll quickly realize it's not an easy job to make money right away.  Many of the successful freelancers who are pulling in 100k+ per year on big platforms have been grinding day and night to make sure they're customers are happy.  A majority of them started selling themselves short in order to pull in reviews, they over delivered as if it were standard, and they were extremely responsive in order to keep their customers coming back for more.

If you think you can do that, then keep reading because I'll be able to help you gain a little more traction in your digital freelancer journey How to be successful as a Digital Freelancer

Give Away FREE Services to Gain Testimonials
This may sound bad to you, but the veteran freelancers are all nodding their heads in agreement, and this is because we know that positive reviews and testimonials are more likely to come after we help someone for free.  If the service is amazing you will get an overly happy review and if the service is basic you'll still get a positive review that will help build your profile on the platform you're targeting customers on How to be successful as a Digital Freelancer

The more positive reviews you have along with jobs completed, the better you'll be in the long-run when a whale picks you over someone that has 10 fewer jobs completed How to be successful as a Digital Freelancer

Provide More Value Than Expected
I always tell new sellers to over-deliver on their services so the buyer is overwhelmed with happiness when they see 1,500 backlinks in a report instead of 1,000 or 2,000+ words in an article instead of the 1,000 they purchased.

If you can provide more value, over-deliver on the orders, you will have people coming back time and time again for your services no matter how much your prices increase How to be successful as a Digital Freelancer

Upsell, Upsell, Upsell
You will always want to evolve your services by using add-ons and upsells to increase the net profit per order each client is making with you.  Not every client will purchase your add-ons, but you will get about 25% to 50% of them checking one of the add-on boxes, and that's always a good thing when you total your profits at the end of the month How to be successful as a Digital Freelancer

You'll want to have your add-ons be cheaper overall than your main service.  If you check out my writing service HERE you will see that my first add-on for 500 more words is less than the original 500 words in the main service.  Then going down my add-ons you'll notice that the price per word actually gets cheaper the more boxes you check off.  Doing this entices buyers to purchase more at once than coming back time and time again to order for the same website.  They will see the money they're saving if they purchase everything now and they will be more encouraged to do so since everyone likes saving money lol.

Spread Yourself Across Multiple Platforms
You could strike it rich on one platform but it's not likely, so you'll want to spread yourself across various freelancing marketplaces and provide all of your services.  You'll want to be sure that your main email is linked to each of your freelancing accounts so you get all your notifications in one place.  If you have a unique email for each platform you will need to forward those specific emails to one location so you don't have to log into 3, 4, or 5+ accounts to check what's going on.

Start Social Media Pages About Your Services
A clever trick I noticed some designers, SEOs, and programmers doing is they start a facebook page for their services and use it as another freelancing platform.  They target everyone on Facebook, they use their page as a support center, and they even funnel people from other platforms to their page if they're sly about it.  Remember, moving clients off of a platform and profiting from them on your own is against all of the TOS for every single marketplace out there.  This is because they make money off of the sales that you would have never gotten if it weren't for them, so don't put your accounts in jeopardy for an additional 5% to 20% of a $10 sale.

Final Thoughts,
Becoming successful as a digital freelancer isn't something you'll do overnight.  You will need to put in months of hard work before you start to see a decent amount of return clientele and even then you might not be able to pay your bills.  The freelancers that stick with it, brand themselves, and make sure their clients are always happy are the ones that stand out from the crowd and make it in this industry, so be one of them How to be successful as a Digital Freelancer

Thanks for reading How to be successful as a Digital Freelancer

- Tommy


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