3 Killer Mistakes That Will Destroy Your Digital Business Overnight

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3 Killer Mistakes That Will Destroy Your Digital Business Overnight

When working online there will always be hurdles to get over but there are always three things that will derail your business before it ever started.  You need to go into running your digital business like it's a physical one and make sure you have a plan in place for every action you take.  You can't think "Well, it's a website and it will be successful!" because that's one thing that will hurt you the most, and that didn't even make it into my top three listed below lol.

You Don't Have A Plan in Place
A majority of people who start a digital business never think of a business plan until it's too late.  They will think "I'll work on the business plan as time goes on" and when it's time to work on a plan they're only doing it because times are tough.

You need a detailed business plan in place before you ever purchase a domain or hosting for your website.  If you don't do this simple task, you will be lost before you ever started, and only the lucky ones will become successful after that.  It's not a difficult thing to do, you don't need some special training in order to put together a business plan, you just need to sit down and write out what you want to do pre-launch, post-launch, and what you want to achieve later on down the road.  List your goals but don't set them in stone until you see how much your digital business is growing.  If you have a goal of "Make $1,000,000 a month" then you might not hit that for the next 50 years and you could be bummed out a month after you start.

Set reasonable goals, don't set them in stone, and make sure your business plan covers at least the basics before you start your online business journey.

You Don't Value Customer Service
It's not 1997 where you can avoid answering a few emails and have a great experience online.  You need to talk to everyone you possibly can, where they're trying to contact you, and you will be able to boost your authority over time by simply having an outstanding support system.

Use live chat systems that go right to your mobile phone in order to decrease response times and keep your potential customers happy.  The quicker you respond with detailed information, the happier the person on the other side will be, and the more likely they'll purchase from you and leave a positive review. 

Having sub-par customer service today is something that will pull in negative reviews.  People want to talk before ordering, so if you're distant and non-responsive, you'll see your sales get stagnant and never increase.

Spreading Yourself Too Thin
CEOs and Admins always think they can do everything for the business when they first launch.  If you're spreading yourself too thin across your support system, managing your content, being on your social media platforms, etc. then you'll decrease the success of your business.  Yes, you can hurt your business by doing too much because it thins you out across a far array of tasks.

What you should do instead is bring on some freelancers to handle your chats, write your content, manage your social platforms, etc. so you can focus on other things while managing them.  If you aren't using freelancers, or have a workforce doing tasks for you, you're likely spreading yourself too thin.

Final Thoughts
The three things I mentioned above will definitely harm your business, some more than others, but they will all lower your sales and that's not something you want.  Set your goals and have a business plan in place for you to follow so you don't get lost on your journey towards digital success.  Always have customer service ranked as one of your top things that will make your business successful.  It will help you create sales even if it's not what brought in a visitor to your website.  Always be sure to work on what is necessary and have freelancers or employees work on smaller tasks so you don't spread yourself too thin and hurt your business.

Thanks for reading 3 Killer Mistakes That Will Destroy Your Digital Business Overnight

- Tommy


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