How I use Facebook for Free Marketing and Traffic

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How I use Facebook for Free Marketing and Traffic

When I started using Facebook to generate traffic I always set up ads and let them run.  I was never really successful at it until I paired my boosted posts with other forms of Facebook marketing and that's when the lightbulbs started to turn on.  It was almost overnight when I realized I had a winning solution on my hands and could replicate it for any niche or industry out there, and now I'll tell you how to do just that How I use Facebook for Free Marketing and Traffic

Write a Post and Boost it
When you're suggested to start advertising to your audience, Facebook tends to get you to set up an ad instead of boosting a post.  The problem with this is that people will comment on your ad, like the ad, share the ad, but no one looking at your actual page will know how successful that ad has gotten.

The solution to this is to essentially create your own ad through a boosted post.  You will need to write the title, descriptions, add links, and add images to your post then you will boost it for $XX per week. 

After your post is boosted it will run just like your normal ads and anyone landing on your page will see how successful it has become simply by looking at the boosted post that I hope you pinned to the top of your page by now How I use Facebook for Free Marketing and Traffic

Share to Targeted Groups
After you boost a post you'll want to share it with any group related to your niche.  This will get you more organic views and that always pairs well with your advertising views.  You'll be able to differentiate the two within your "Insights" tab of the page you're moderating or an admin of, so don't worry about your cross-traffic getting tangled together within any of your analytics lol.

Partner with Page Admins
One thing I really like to do is partner with page admins by paying them a small monthly fee to keep my post pinned to the top of their pages.  I can usually haggle them down pretty low because no one is really asking them to advertise like this, so I tend to get them for under $100 for large groups and $50 or lower for smaller ones.

Doing this will bring in a steady stream of new users who will read your posts or find your website depending on what you have pinned to the top of the pages by your admin partners.

Use Specific Hashtags
A lot of people forget to use hashtags when promoting something because Facebook was a late adapter to this method of searching.  I like using 10 hashtags targeting my top keywords and I've noticed a drastic increase in organic traffic because of this little trick.

One of the best things about this is that you can flood the search pages for these hashtags when you share to groups or get others to share for you.  You can search for your hashtag and see almost all of the top listings are yours if you get enough people liking and/or commenting on your boosted post How I use Facebook for Free Marketing and Traffic

Final Thoughts
When it comes to using Facebook's advertising options I don't usually run ads, but I will boost the hell out of posts and share them because this always gets me more for my money in the long run.  I will be able to build up my following, generate traffic, get more likes, and keep the traffic coming in as long as my boosted post continues to grow How I use Facebook for Free Marketing and Traffic  I like to run 3-5 boosted posts at a time, all targeting similar hashtags, and pulling in massive amounts of traffic in order to convert them into "Likes" that I can freely market to with all my future posts How I use Facebook for Free Marketing and Traffic

Thanks for reading How I use Facebook for Free Marketing and Traffic

- Tommy


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