Will SEO services take a hit the same way Web Design services did?

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Will SEO services take a hit the same way Web Design services did?

In the past, we all needed to pay a designer and programmer to build a website for us because there was no option for a page builder that could do what we needed it to.  If we did resort to a page builder in the past, it was very limited and would result in our website still looking very basic compared to a custom design by a professional web designer and programmer.

In the past five years, we've seen the evolution of page builders and how easy they are to craft an elegant looking website in less than a day.  In the past, this would have taken weeks or months for a professional designer, but now an average person with no coding skills can do it on their own.  The web design industry took a hit, but do you think the same could be done for SEO?

How could SEO be automated like a Page Builder?
We all know there are pieces of software out there that allow you to build massive amounts of backlinks in a short amount of time.  The problem with these is that they don't build quality backlinks or links that Google wants to see your website have aimed at it.  If you're using software to do all of your SEO, then you're never going to rank for difficult keywords unless you get lucky, so do we have to worry about SEO being dumbed down far enough that anyone can do it on their own in a few days or weeks?

Every Major Platform has a Page Builder
It doesn't matter where you host your website, they all have their page builders now, and that's another reason the web design community took a hit.  In the past, people thought it would cost thousands of dollars to get a website design done, but now they can use the free page builder given to them by their hosting company to get something up and running.

Will hosting companies give discounts to their clients so they can get bottom dollar SEO services that they don't have to manage or understand?  Will they pay a base fee for their website and someone will come in, optimize their pages, and build quality backlinks for them?  Will it be an additional fee, or will it get worked into the hosting package they're currently paying for?

Wordpress Themes with Built-in Page Builders
Web designers took a big hit when things like Elementor came out and allowed people to use a drag and drop system to build their pages on a theme.  You could purchase Elementor on its own and build your website or you could purchase a Wordpress theme and get Elementor for free, then build any page you wanted to in a few seconds.  You could also clone a page, use it a second or third time, and edit little things on it to make it custom.  You can do all of that with no coding or programming knowledge and get something that looks great at the end of the day.

Will SEO turn into something like that?  Will we log into our website dashboard and drag ten high DA backlinks to this page, seven web 2.0 backlinks to that page, and 50 niche specific backlinks to our homepage, and it will all be done for us?  How do you think it will evolve in the near future?

Divi Theme to Rule Them All
If you haven't heard of the Divi theme, then you're likely in for a special treat lol.  The Divi theme is a Wordpress theme that you can pay $89 a year for or a one time fee of $249.  This means you can pay almost $90 a year for your design or pay just under $250 for the design, an amazing page builder, and the ability to design any website you plan to launch in the future.  You can even use the Divi theme to start your own website design company even if you have no coding knowledge whatsoever lol.

You can read more about how to use the Divi Theme to start a web design company here:

So, will there be an SEO service that allows you to pay them a one time fee to get top rankings, or will that type of payment plan fizzle out quickly?  I assume the price would have to be for 3+ years of work, which would be quite expensive, but after those first three years, the work should have paid for itself.

Custom Website Designers are Safe, Right?
If you think about it, the designers building these incredible WordPress themes are making a killing, and they should be perfectly safe in the long run.  The theme designers and big hosting companies are changing the web design world more each year and eventually the small guys will be fighting for table scraps while designers like ElegantThemes (Divi designers) and big hosting companies like NameCheap and GoDaddy are giving people something they can build an entire website with while having no coding knowledge.

Will these huge companies jump on the SEO train and try to offer something to their users to boost their rankings?  I know that GoDaddy offers something to "Help boost your website," but I've never purchased it since I run my SEO agency and don't need help in that department, but could something like that catch on you think?

Final Thoughts,
No one is safe when it comes to profiting from websites if they don't adapt to the evolution of technology.  There are websites so stuck in a rutt that they think their "original" design from 1999 is still amazing even though it's not responsive.  They aren't tracking anything, so they don't see their traffic has tanked, but that's not a problem anymore.  You can get an amazing design done for pennies compared to something custom that could be $20,000+, and that might be the same case for SEO in the near future with how the internet and technology is evolving.  What are your thoughts?

Thanks for reading Will SEO services take a hit the same way Web Design services did?

- Tommy


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