3 Main Actions That Seem Pointless but Must be Done for Every Successful Website

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3 Main Actions That Seem Pointless but Must be Done for Every Successful Website

Whenever someone starts a website, they rarely know everything that is in store for them if it's their first time.  Seasoned veterans know exactly how much time it will take before the website is live, how long it will take to bug test and be sure it's fully operational, how long it will take to create the content, how long it will take to do the SEO and see results from it, and various other tasks that might seem pointless to the every day person wanting a blog so they can make some side money.

Everyone knows to have a catchy domain name and a design that looks pretty, but not many people think about how much time they'll have to invest in Content Creation, SEO, and Building Funnels to make their blog or website successful.  Yes, these are the three main things that we will be going over in this discussion, and that is because after 100+ hours of doing all of these you may think it's pointless and will never help you out, but you always need to push yourself to put in that extra hour of work lol.

Write Content and Blog Posts
If you just set up your blog and I can look at it right now, it doesn't mean you'll be successful.  You will need to write massive amounts of content for your blog, your static pages, product pages, etc. before the search engines ever find you.  Even if the search engines find you, it doesn't mean they'll love your site, and that's why you need to continuously write high quality content for your blog and pages.

I know people who write 2-5 detailed posts each day for new websites they're launching and have no expectations of pulling in a decent amount of traffic for the first few months.  Yes, for the first 90 days and 180-250 articles later, they don't intend to bring in any traffic.  Why do you ask?  It's because they understand that your website needs to be built up from the inside before everyone on the outside will love it, and that also goes for the search engines.

Writing content may seem tedious, but it's worth it, so be sure to do at least one post a day and help someone with a problem within your content.  If you can do that, you will pull in a decent amount of traffic down the road, and that means you're one step closer to being successful 3 Main Actions That Seem Pointless but Must be Done for Every Successful Website

Doing SEO to Improve Rankings
The majority of people know that it takes months of hard work before you'll start to see your SEO efforts start to take hold.  You may put in 40+ hours a week building high quality backlinks, submitting guest posts, and getting links from any high DA site you can find, but nothing is paying off.  SEO compiles onto itself, and as long as you're doing everything right, you won't have any worries, so stick with it and keep working.

Some websites bring on full SEO teams and don't expect to hit the first page for competitive keywords for at least a year.  Yes, you read that right, they pay teams of people to rank them a year from now and know it's a good investment lol.

SEO takes time, and that means you should start it right away but not expect anything relatively soon.  I wouldn't set SEO goals paired with timelines either because one algorithm shift could set you back six months lol.

Building Funnels
This is one thing that a new online marketer might not understand how to do unless it was the first thing that attracted them to making money online.  A funnel is exactly how it sounds, it pushing people towards your money pages or sites, and they gain more encouragement the further down they get.

Building an amazing funnel takes time, plenty of split testing, and you probably won't get it right the first time.  There are services like ClickFunnels that help automate the process, but they're pretty expensive for anyone just starting, which is why most people do it themselves.

What you'll do is set up a website that has the main function of capturing emails and potential clients' data.  They will then be added to your list and you can send them newsletters, updates, free services, or anything you want as long as it's enticing and keeps them around.  You can then funnel them to the services you profit the most from, as long as they're interested and signed up to learn about it, and you should make a decent amount of money.

Final Thoughts
Some of the tasks that seem pointless are the ones that can bring in the most profit down the road.  You may not see traffic coming to your well-written articles after a few months of SEO, but you need to stick with it because SEO it gets successful the more you put into it.  The same goes with funnels, you won't get a perfect setup the first time around, so be sure to split test and keep putting up new ways to bring people in and you should be alright 3 Main Actions That Seem Pointless but Must be Done for Every Successful Website

Thanks for reading 3 Main Actions That Seem Pointless but Must be Done for Every Successful Website

- Tommy


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