Why you should be tracking your success week to week.

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Why you should be tracking your success week to week.

When you're just starting you, will likely want to track your success from week to week, and that's a good thing, but it can become bothersome after 6+ months because you might not see the growth you would like to have achieved.  The main benefit of tracking your success from week to week is so you can pair up certain methods, software changes, edits, etc. with the success you have coming in.  You'll be able to look back and say, "We changed this on our website and saw a 5% growth in week 5!" or you could not track it and assume it's helping you 500%, but in reality, it's nowhere near that much.

When you become accustomed to how websites work, you tend to track absolutely everything, and that means you'll become familiar with Google analytics and other services like it.  I use various things to track traffic, sales, and I also write down on paper what I think is happening.  If you do this, you can pair your instincts with what is happening and get a pretty good read on your business and what it's doing.  You can remove certain traffic streams that are underperforming, move funds into sources that are bringing in sales, and overall know-how to tweak your business for the best possible performance.

Where You Started vs. Where You Are Now
When tracking everything from day one, you'll be able to look back and see where you started vs. where you are now.  You'll be able to see what mistakes you made early on, how you fixed them, and how much it helped you out, so you don't go down that path again.

Looking back at where you started is like a reminder to keep grinding if you're already successful because it shows that your countless hours of work have helped you out dramatically, and you'll be encouraged to keep pushing for higher profits.

You can predict when goals will be achieved
One thing I love to hear is when someone has a goal of "Make $100,000 this year!" but they're not tracking a single thing lol.  If you were tracking how much you're making from month to month, you'd be able to get an idea of your growth and know if you're going to hit those bigger goals for the year.  If your goal was to make $100,000 this year, you're making $1,000 a month, and you're only growing at 10% month over month, then you're not going to hit your goal, and you don't realize this because you're not tracking anything.

Now, if you were tracking all of your PPC campaigns, SEO campaigns, Email campaigns, etc. from week to week and watched your success grow by 10%, you might think "I need to kick this into high gear and push more on the things that are working for me now!".  If you were tracking and started doing this, you would likely hit that 100k goal and look back at today and think, "I did it!" Why you should be tracking your success week to week.

You can plan for the future
Tracking everything, watching your profits gradually rise, and knowing what will happen from month to month because of all your tracking will allow you to make plans for the future.  These plans could be anything from making a large purchase, running additional marketing campaigns when you hit a certain point in profits, or you might want to plan a vacation!

Knowing what is happening with your business, your profits, and doing it all through tracking from week to week will allow you to plan months from now because you can factor in how your business is trending and estimate what you'll be doing when you want to make another move.

You can win "prestigious" awards
One thing that I keep forgetting to do, which might be too late now, is to apply for the INC 5000 and see how my business pairs up with the rest in my industry.  If you were to track everything from week to week, know where you're growing best, and exploiting that you could boost your growth exponentially and win some pretty recognizable awards. 

If you were to win some of these awards, you could list them on your "About Us" page, and you could get instant branding because everyone knows of the INC. 500 or INC. 5000 Why you should be tracking your success week to week.  Your visitors will think, "If they're on this list, they must be pretty awesome.  I guess I'll give them a chance!" and that's how you can get some additional success from being successful lol Why you should be tracking your success week to week.

Final Thoughts,
When you're tracking your success from week to week, it can become cumbersome, so I would suggest using 3rd party services that integrate with your website and eCommerce platform if you're selling products and watch your success go up or down depending on your actions.  Monitor what's working, what is hurting your website or profits, and make sure to optimize absolutely everything you can so your business is a successful one and not one that is shutting its doors in a few years Why you should be tracking your success week to week.

Thanks for reading!

- Tommy


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