New here & need advice

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New here & need advice

New to seoclerks and need advice on how to make money fast , heard about this browsing & wanted to give it a shot myself so can someone reach out it would be nice 


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Hey PeezyPoofy,

Welcome to the marketplace and I hope you will enjoy your time here New here & need advice

As for making money here, there are a few ways to do that, but they all revolve around selling something. You'll need the skills in order to start a service so start writing down what a website owner would love to purchase from you. Think of how you would pitch it to them, what the price points should be, ponder on what add-ons you could use as upsells, and be sure to do a rough draft of everything before you submit it as a service.

After you get an idea for a few services, start submitting them for approval, if there is no reason to review them then they'll get auto-approved and you should be able to sell right away.

Now you'll need to go back, look over your services, and be sure they look great. You can have something amazing to sell but if it looks like it was written by a 3-year-old, people will think you don't know what you're doing, and they will avoid your services entirely. You'll want to format everything so it looks like certain sections stand out, especially the titles and sub-titles of each new section. Use Bold, Italics, and Underlines when needed and be sure to throw in a quote or review from a previous client you've had. Since you don't have any sales yet, you can't screenshot a positive review and add it to your service, but that's something to think about later on when you start getting consistent work here New here & need advice

Now that you have your services set up, you'll want to think about how you can get them in front of the most people in the shortest amount of time. This usually comes in the form of advertising, or you can boost your services like other members have said, so be sure to try out the cheaper versions of this and see how it goes. You can buy boosts and apply them from your services page, or you can earn them for free by doing various tasks like completing an order on time or submitting a discussion here on the site. You can also purchase boosts and use them every 12 hours if you'd like and this will push your service to the top of its category but it won't stick there. You can use one boost on each of your services every 12 hours. This means if you have 10 services and 10 boosts, you can bump them all up to the top of their category pages one time, and then you're out of boosts.

Paid advertising will help you get on top of the category for 31 days or get you on the homepage for the most exposure possible. After you've worked with the paid bump method of bringing in sales I would recommend trying out the category feature paid advertising option before the homepage feature option because the category option is much cheaper and will still bring in a positive ROI if you have a quality service to offer buyers here. After a month or two of the category feature, you could probably put in a bid on the homepage feature, and you'll notice your sales shoot up dramatically if you win the bid. Your service will be in front of hundreds of thousands of people every month and they will be browsing through all of your services if you structured them right and interlinked them, then you'll really notice success starting to creep into your freelancing career New here & need advice

I hope that helps you out a bit New here & need advice

- Tommy

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We have the same problem when we start. Maybe you can look this Discussion

Thank You.

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Daily Login Account Boost Your Services Daily I think Its will help or use features services option.

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This is good Information, Boost Service is kind of Option where you can Bump your Service to the top.

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