Build a persons idea for them and become a partner

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Build a persons idea for them and become a partner

There are a lot of people that have ideas for a product or online business but don't know where to start when it comes to getting a website build, doing online marketing, or running a basic PPC campaign to bring in customers.  You could be the person that partners with them, helps them through everything, and becomes a partner in their business that helps them grow online!

I've recently started doing this for friends and family because a few people approached me and asked if I could help them set up a website.  I helped them without question and got everything up and running within a week, but they didn't know how to do anything online, and they came back asking 100s of questions.  This is where I decided to pitch that I become their business partner, and I'll handle all of the digital stuff while they do what they can offline and on social media to build the brand as much as possible.  Every single person I pitched this to was more than happy to bring me on board as a partner, and not just a 5% or 10% partner, but I own 49% of their businesses because of what I'm doing online for them lol.

They likely don't know web design
If you haven't been working online for long, then it's likely you don't know your way around web design.  For my friends and family members who approached me, they had no clue what they were doing, so I helped them with everything and sent them on their way.

Anyone who doesn't have a website already usually thinks that a design and hosting costs more than they make in a year, which isn't true at all.  You can get a nice WordPress theme and hosting for around $250 a year and never have downtime or run out of bandwidth, but my friends and family didn't know this.

They likely don't know how to do online marketing
The majority of people don't know how to do online marketing, and I think that's the main reason I'm now a partner to my friends and family members businesses.  It takes years of testing, experience, and knowledge accumulation to know what you're doing at all times, and then Google will send us a curveball and we'll have to do more optimization lol Build a persons idea for them and become a partner

Since I have close to two decades of experience online, it was an easy pitch to get a portion of their company, and so far, everyone is happy with the results lol.

They likely don't know how to run PPC campaigns
PPC campaigns are some of the easiest things to set up, but they're also some of the quickest ways to blow through your entire annual budget for advertising if you're not monitoring everything.  You need to know how to target, who likes your stuff when to show ads, where to show ads, and various other things that all go into running the best PPC campaign possible.

I always suggest running ads on Adwords first, which not many newbies understand, and it tends to work out well in smaller niches.  The bigger niches take longer to crack into, so I suggest doing SEO and bringing in sales naturally, then moving over to PPC when we have more money to lose lol.

You can be their mentor while profiting
If you're a part business owner, you can also mentor the people you're helping out and not worry about the dreaded "Ok; I don't need your help anymore!" text or email.  Those messages usually mean "I'm not going to pay you anymore because I know how to do all of this on my own!" but if you're a partial business owner, they will have you do the work, and they'll focus on other things muahahaha!

You can teach them everything they want to know since you own part of the business.  No secrets are off-limits since they will likely use the tricks you've taught them to boost the business and that's good for the both of you Build a persons idea for them and become a partner

Final thoughts,
Taking someone's idea and building it for them is the easy part, becoming a partner is the tough sell, but it's possible to do so after they start to realize how much work a website is.  You have to invest countless hours in marketing, SEO, upkeep, etc. to keep your website profitable.  Your potential partners will quickly understand there aren't enough hours in the day to do everything, and this is when they'll likely turn to you for help.  Pitch them your idea of coming on as a business partner, and you'll take over all the online duties while they can focus on what they want, as long as they're also doing work, of course lol.

Thanks for reading Build a persons idea for them and become a partner

- Tommy


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