Top 3 problems with 99% of affiliate websites

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Top 3 problems with 99% of affiliate websites

I'm sure you've come across plenty of Amazon affiliate websites or Clickbank affiliate websites and thought "These sites are actually making money through affiliate marketing?" and the answer is usually Yes, but they could be making so much more if they just took their time with the setup of their sites and actually did marketing for them.

Yes, it's tough to do advertising for an affiliate website but it's not so difficult to market them to the masses because that's something we can all do for free.  In this discussion, I'll be going over the top 3 problems with 99% of affiliate websites.

Thin Website Content
A majority of affiliate websites out there have extremely thin content on them.  This is because the people running them don't have a ton of content marketing experience and tend to start with affiliate marketing as a way to make money online.

Remember this "Content is King" and you will start to notice that the websites will great articles, tutorials, and guides on them tend to be the sites with the most traffic.  Why is that?  Because Google and the other search engines want their visitors to have the best results possible, not needing to browse an additional website to get all of the information, so they'll rank the best possible sites at the top to please their visitors as much as possible.

Most Affiliate Websites are Pushy
It's rare to come across an affiliate website that isn't trying to get me to click on their ads.  I get it, you place a cookie on my site after I click through, and you'll get credit for the purchase.  Do you know how many times I've avoided clicking affiliate links on pushy websites?  Every single time, and it's because they get annoying.

Instead, have affiliate banners and links next to your content or have them in your newsletter for people to click on if they want.  Never try to force someone to click on your affiliate links just to get that cookie on their site and hopefully make a sale.  The more successful affiliate marketers out there are running sites that aren't pushy, deliver quality content, and treat their visitors like actual people and not checkbooks lol Top 3 problems with 99% of affiliate websites

Everyone is Doing Review Sites
I get it, review sites are extremely popular when it comes to affiliate marketing, and this is because a majority of people like looking up reviews about a product or service prior to making a purchase.  The problem with this is that everything is starting to have positive reviews and soon enough we won't know what a bad product is and where the good ones are.  At least with Amazon, we can see actual buyers reviews on the product pages and not run into as many affiliate sites saying a one-star product is the next best thing to sliced bread lol.

Final Thoughts,
You can definitely do well in affiliate marketing but you don't want to make it feel like you sold your soul to get an extra click on your links.  Don't push banners in front of people so they click, don't force people to do anything, and please don't put up a thin content review site and expect to strike internet gold right away lol.  Think of a niche, put together a high quality website, and add massive amounts of amazing content to it that will keep your visitors coming back again and again.

Thanks for reading Top 3 problems with 99% of affiliate websites

- Tommy


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I have found that using Tumblr and Twitter is best for my affiliate marketing efforts. You can get away with writing quick short posts (microblogging) and dropping in the affiliate link at the end with a few hashtags. It works for me!

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Hey CmoneySpinner,

I've used Twitter in the past because people want to see a short, but sweet, sentence or two along with a link and they'll click through. I've had some success with it but I prefer to do other methods so I don't invest too much time into Twitter and make a fraction of the sales I could with other methods.

I've never used Tumblr, what do you do exactly? Do you build affiliate pages and people randomly land on the page then click through if they're interested? Can you do any sort of targeting to show your pages to specific people or is it 100% random and you need to rely on luck to get clicks?

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So true... 99% of time i close websites with popups and anoying pushy ads all over the place, without even looking what they have to offer. Simply because it annoys me and i am off right away.

And reviews... Yeah all positive doesn't make much sense, but also, as affiliate marketer i was doing such thing. Not because i offer false review or hiding bad things, but because i like to promote only something good and quality. If some product is not good for me, or having bad rating by other people, then i think why would i even boder to promote it...
However, i seen many times that even products with only few stars still selling OK, so it confuse me, but.... good for them LOL

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Yeah, it's super annoying when I go to a website and I have to sift through the popups and ads. It's not 1997 and I don't have time for a website that is trying to get me to click on everything on the page except for what they wrote themselves or are trying to sell lol.

I honestly want to see more people using 3 star and 4 star reviews on their websites in a section called "We can't please everyone, but at least it wasn't a 1 star review!" lol Top 3 problems with 99% of affiliate websites I would think it's a funny way to show they're an actual company and not everyone can be pleased, because we know it's impossible to put a smile on everyone's face lol Top 3 problems with 99% of affiliate websites

Products with three stars will still sell well if their only competitors are off brands and they have a brand name to push their "quality". They will also sell well if there isn't really a competitor in the industry selling something super related to what the three start product or service is. Well, that's at least what I've been noticing, there could be something else lol.

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