Diversify your freelancing and make more money

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Diversify your freelancing and make more money

If you're working online as a freelancer then you likely have plenty of skills you've acquired over the years and you may not know they could make you money.  Think about it, if you were a content writer like myself, you might have more skills than putting words on a website and selling articles to the next buyer.  You could be developing your WordPress skills, SEO skills, design skills, etc. 

Having various skills will allow you to make more money online and that's because you can diversify your income streams much easier.  For me, I can sell to anyone looking for SEO and detailed content for their websites or blogs, which brings in some cash and allows me to stay at home and work from my office.

In this discussion, I'll be going over a few things to work on if you want to make much more money as a freelancer.

You don't have to be a jack of all trades
When you're a freelancer, you don't need to know how to do everything, but having a few specific skills will help you go a long way.  Be a master of two skills within the same niche/industry and you'll be able to upsell most of the time.  If you aren't upselling, you can always get on someone's radar as an expert in both of your areas of expertise and your client might ask you to do additional work later on Diversify your freelancing and make more money

Get your name on every freelancing platform
I was actually really bad at this until I had my son and needed to bring in some extra freelance work to have a bigger stream of income.  I was only registered and selling on two platforms, instead of all of them, and that means I was tapping into a fraction of the potential buyers I could have been.

Think about it, you can sell exclusively on one platform and get in front of a few thousand people per month or you could get on all the top platforms and be in front of a few hundred thousand people looking for something you specialize in. 

Build up all of your profiles
After you get your services listed on all of the top freelancing platforms, you'll want to underprice your services so people give you a chance.  Just like here, you need to build up your profile so new buyers are more willing to work with you.  If you're a new seller, not as many people will purchase from you, and that's sad because I've actually taken chances on level one sellers and been pleasantly surprised with the work they did for me Diversify your freelancing and make more money

Anyway, build up your profiles as much as possible and over-deliver on your work so you're more likely to get a positive review.

Have a freelancing website of your own
You must have a website that shows all of your skills.  This could be a website where you sell your own services or a site that is more of a resume that talks about what you can do. 

It doesn't matter if you're selling a service or getting people to ask for a job quote, you'll always want to run Adwords to bring people in.  Get more sales directly and you won't be giving up the 5% to 25% freelance marketplaces ask as a commission for joining you with clients.

Final Thoughts,
If you think you'll get rich by selling on a single platform, you're living a dream, so you'll need to diversify by learning new skills and putting them on every platform possible.  Get out there in front of a lot more people and increase your chances of getting another sale Diversify your freelancing and make more money

Thanks for reading!

- Tommy


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Get your name on every freelancing platform....
Ohhh this can be frustrating. I was trying to do so, but most of the platforms works similar but also very different, then there is too much to learn and keeps you too busy to maintain all of it. I give up on that idea. It is specially hard if you start selling on many platforms, you getting lost in time, and jobs can be delivered late, so you lossing reputation... I don't know, for me that idea didn't work, so i stuck with less marketplaces to maintain my reputation and everything under control

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Yeah, it's definitely frustrating to get approved on all of them and then manage everything. I was just posting my resume, information, building my profile, and applying to some freelance related jobs on another big platform and it took 3 days for everything to get approved. I've yet to hear from any of the jobs I posted to, but it's only been about 24 hours since I applied to them, so we'll see how that goes in the long run lol. I actually purchase an account upgrade so I'm more of a "Fancy Freelancer" instead of a basic account, but I don't think the people listing the jobs can see that lmao Diversify your freelancing and make more money

One thing I've used in the past was a project management platform where I could go in, list all the jobs I have active, and manage them directly from one platform. It's more of a calendar for my current jobs, but it helps maintain a level of sanity when I have 10+ things going on for 10+ different clients Diversify your freelancing and make more money

I have every account linked to my main email so all of the notifications go to one place. I've also customized my settings within the platform to only send specific emails so that I don't get 500 new emails a day telling me everything there is to know about the platforms I'm on lol. I tend to just get the emails related to jobs closing, jobs accepted, inbox emails, and anything else that helps me get a job or talk to the employer of the job that I applied to. This way I get about 15 emails a day and it's much easier to manage. If I get a job from one of them, I'll list it in my management calendar, and I'll start working on it from there. I'll send reports through the specific platform I'm working through and the calendar helps me remember where the client is that hired me haha Diversify your freelancing and make more money I don't have to log into 3+ platforms to find the right person, I know where they all are at a moments notice Diversify your freelancing and make more money

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