Top 10 Free Stock Photo Sites for Websites.

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Top 10 Free Stock Photo Sites for Websites.

When you start adding images to your website you will likely think "I need some stock photos!" and then you'll go on a search for the best stock photos out there.  You might find some premium websites that charge $25+ per image, but that's not something a startup or single parent can afford, which is why I tend to gravitate towards the even better stock photo platforms, which are free!

Below are the top 10 FREE stock photo sites
- Unsplash (a personal favorite)
- Gratisography
- Morguefile
- Pixabay
- Stockvault
- Pexels
- Picjumbo
- Pikwizard
- Rawpixel
- Reshot

Some of the websites above may require you to give credit when using an image of theirs, bus some simply ask if you would do it, but you don't have to and they don't mind that either.

Don't source images off of Google
If you want to get in hot water rather quickly, you can source images from a Google search and get a letter in the mail saying you now owe a stock photo company $1,500+ because you stole it.  Yes, this does happen and I'm sure it's a nice profit machine for these stock photo companies. 

I have a friend who found a nice image online, used it on his websites "about us" page, and got a letter from Getty images saying he now owed them $1,500 because of the one image.  He eventually had his lawyer negotiate with them and he paid $750 for the image that normally costs $25.  To avoid this problem, use one of the free stock websites I've listed above.

Give credit to the photographer
Like I mentioned above you might have to give credit to the photographer if you're using their images.  Unsplash asks if you would be so kind to do so, but you don't have to at all, and they will still allow you to use their images.

I would recommend giving the photographer credit for their images on a subpage so they can see what sites their work has been used on Top 10 Free Stock Photo Sites for Websites.

No need to pay a premium for images
Some of these stock photo companies will ask you to pay a ridiculous amount for images, something like $250 for 5 images, which is way too much if you have dozens of images that need to be swapped out on a theme.

A lot of theme designers on ThemeForest will use these types of images, then their buyers get upset when they upload demo content and the images are missing.  They will go find the images, notice they are an additional $1,000+ charge for all of them, then complain to the designer who didn't state that the images needed to be paid for separately.  Instead, designers should be using stock photo companies that are actually free so their buyers are overly excited and will leave them a positive review.

Final Thoughts,
Free stock photos are out there, you just need to search for them, and I'm hoping my list of the top 10 free stock photo sites will help you out.  There are plenty more out there, just be sure you can use them for free or at least leave the photographer credit for use Top 10 Free Stock Photo Sites for Websites.

Thanks for reading Top 10 Free Stock Photo Sites for Websites.

- Tommy


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Very good suggestions and nice photo websites. Few of them i didn't even know about. But also i found that there is thousands of photo blogs on Tumblr and you can find some very interesting and niche specific photo blogs there after you spend some time to filter and bookmark them ;)

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Hey AnWebServices,

You should be careful when using Tumblr for photos because anyone can post anything on there and they don't have to prove they actually own the photo. I mean, they could own it after they've purchased it for themselves off of a site like Getty Images or Shutterstock, but that doesn't mean you can save the image and use it yourself without getting the lawyers hounding you for illegal usage of their images.

I tend to stick with Unsplash and will branch out if I don't find anything specific that I need. I will usually find what I need, put some sort of overlay on the image if needed to make it look more custom, or I will use the actual photo that was on Unsplash because it already looks fancy lol Top 10 Free Stock Photo Sites for Websites.

I usually have a page on my website where I will list the photographers' names so I don't have to put their name under every single picture I've downloaded and used. It's the least I could do since they're letting me use such awesome images on my site, images that other platforms would charge $25+ a piece for Top 10 Free Stock Photo Sites for Websites.

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