Why you should make your business appear larger than it is

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Why you should make your business appear larger than it is

Everyone wants to work with or buy from a well-established company, but they tend to avoid the little guys because they aren't trusted as much.  Well, you can always make your business appear bigger through the use of the content on your site pages or the use of business directory listings.  This has been a method used by plenty of businesses out there to bring in additional customers because they're seen as the big man on the block who has the best services or products.

You don't have to do this for your website or business, but it will likely help in the long run, so I would suggest trying it out if you want to see the potential of your website.

People want to purchase from an authority
If you're not seen as the authority website, you probably won't get as many sales, and that's sad because you could have the best service or product, but no one is purchasing from you.  The problem with new websites or businesses is that it takes a lot of time to gain authority within your industry and that's why you'll have to artificially give it to yourself in the beginning.

Talk about all your successes, things you're looking to achieve, and make them sound real to the readers.  You can list your current goals as something you've already achieved, like "Over 50,000 Active Members!", when in reality you have 50 people signed up, and only 10 of them are active lol.

People trust bigger, more established, businesses
One thing you won't be able to get around much when in a large industry is that your site and company will need to be established for a while before hardcore buyers jump on board.  You may need to be live for six months or even a year before those types of buyers jump on board. 

You won't convince everyone you're amazing, but you can always entice them with coupons, and this is because everyone loves discounts!  Even the most hardcore Amazon or eBay buyers will jump ship to purchase from a nobody website if they have a coupon that is active and gives them a decent discount lol.

Say you're #1 even if you're #385
It doesn't matter if there are even rankings for your industry, say you're the best there is and make sure people know it.  I know of a company that claims they're the best in the world at what they do, but they're probably ranked #30, and they're not in a very competitive niche lol.  They make millions each year, and they started to notice more first time buyers coming in after they claimed to be the #1 company in the industry!

"We have 500 employees" sounds better than "I'm the only employee."
Another way you can show people you're more of an authority, without actually saying it, is to show them how many employees you have working for you.  The bigger the company, the more established it is, and that means you'll have instant authority within your niche even if you just launched yesterday. 

Your competitors won't fact check your business and see how many employees you have, neither will your potential buyers, so say you have a lot more people working for your site, and you'll likely get more customers hitting that "Buy Now" button Why you should make your business appear larger than it is

Final thoughts,
It's sad that not many people out there are willing to give new websites a chance and would rather spend a little extra money on a site they're more comfortable with.  To combat this, you need to show yourself as the authority you plan to be, and inflate your numbers slightly, so your traffic turns into customers.  Don't go crazy when you're boosting your numbers; you need to make it sound reasonable, so remember that when you go to edit your pages lol.

Thanks for reading Why you should make your business appear larger than it is

- Tommy


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