4 reasons your online business isn't making any money

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4 reasons your online business isn't making any money

Many people think they'll start a blog or eCommerce site and be able to quit their 9-5 job the next week.  Well, this never really happens because it takes plenty of time to brand your business, get people to trust your website, and to make your setup as perfect as possible.  This means you won't be quitting anytime soon unless you strike gold your first time out and know how to scale your site's profits without messing anything up.

There are some people out there that can set up a website in a day, get traffic to it immediately through PPC campaigns, but they never make a single sale because they still don't know what they're doing. 

One thing you need to realize is that your overall research of the niche, business idea, and marketing plan will need to be perfect if you want to make money out of the gate.  If you've already launched, and you're not profitable, it could be due to one of the reasons below.

You're Products or Services are Overpriced
You may think you have the absolute best thing on your hands that is changing the world, but if it's 2x or 3x the price of your competitors, you're not going to sell many.  The only way it will sell is if you have legitimate endorsements from extremely credible people within your niche, and this doesn't happen because you're likely a competitor to them lol.

Figure out how much you can sell a product for without going broke, price it at that, get some reviews, then start increasing your prices gradually.  You will then be able to convert more people at your ideal price points because your reviews talk about how great your product or service is but they rarely talk about how much they spent lol.

You Don't Show Feedback or Reviews
Posting reviews and snippets of what people are talking about will encourage others to purchase from you. I try not to read through reviews of a product or service unless I'm on Amazon because I always think the website owner wrote them him/herself lol.

I will read through the reviews on Amazon because they tend to be legitimate, but on a small website where no one is submitting reviews, I try not to pay attention because the website owner put them there.  Sure, they could be real reviews from other platforms the site is selling it's product or service on, but I still don't trust them lol.

How do you battle this?  Sell on a well know marketplaces like Amazon or eBay and screenshot those reviews while linking to your product pages and giving people a different platform to purchase from.  You'll make a little less from each sale, but at least you're making a sale lol

Your Sites Navigation is Convoluted
Whenever a person launches a website, they tend to think of how a visitor will work their way from the homepage to the checkout page, but not always.  I've landed on some websites that were so difficult to navigate that I made it a game called "Finding the checkout" and I usually win but it takes a little while to get there lol.

This doesn't often happen because of how themes and plugins are designed now, but it was pretty rampant in the past when everyone was coding their sites in HTML and PHP from scratch. 

Give someone a clear path to the checkout, without making them feel like they're forced there, and you will see more sales coming in.

Your Website Looks Outdated and Bad
If your design is more than five years old, you're probably outdated, and it's time to start thinking about a redesign.  A fresh look will rejuvenate your audience and capture the attention of newcomers, so hire a freelancer or design agency to help you with something that looks great.

How often have you landed on a website that wasn't responsive and you think "When was this website built?!?!?" then you do some research and it's only a couple years old?  Well, updating a design will help you look great, increase your trust with users, and ultimately bring in more sales.

Final Thoughts,
Making money online isn't the easiest thing to do, especially if you're giving yourself a handicap, so be sure to not shoot yourself in the foot before you ever try to get traffic to your pages.  Make sure you're pricing is competitive, you're showing actual reviews, your navigation is easily understandable, and your site looks up to date with its design.  If you can do those four simple things, you'll have an easier time converting people into sales, and that's the one thing we all want lol.

Thanks for reading!

- Tommy


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