Your digital business will grow slowly so don't expect overnight success

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Your digital business will grow slowly so don't expect overnight success

A lot of people who start a digital agency will expect to get their first 20-30 clients within the first month.  This is pretty hilarious because 99% of agencies out there take 6+ months to have that many clients signed up at one time, and that's if the agency knows what it's doing!

Digital marketing isn't the easiest thing to do, and it's not the easiest thing to sell, so you'll need to set up your services and sales pitch just right to entice people to sign on.  It takes time to get people to trust you, but the few who take a chance on you will stick around because I hope you're giving them positive results.  Your business will grow slowly, no matter how good you are at this type of work, so be patient and always do your best.

Make sure you do your best work
Like I mentioned above, you need to do your best work no matter if you have a single client or you have 100 paying you a nice monthly fee to bring in more customers.  Scale your business as you bring on more clients, hire a salesperson to close more deals, bring on more SEO and designers if needed, and be the best you possibly can be for your customers, so they stick with you.

Hire freelancers with a proven track record
You never want to hire a freelancer that just started, so be sure to vet everyone you allow to work on your campaigns, if you don't you could bring on first-day SEOs, and they'll run software to "improve" someone's rankings but instead destroy their website.  This will get you an extremely negative review, hurt your credibility, and you'll likely have to start over with a new domain.

Sure, it wasn't you who damaged the clients' website, but you decided to bring on a first-day "Specialist" who harmed your clients' site.  Don't put yourself in this position and hire better freelancers that have a proven track record of success.

Give your customers a direct line to you
Whenever I have someone paying me for consulting or SEO, I will always give them a way to contact me directly.  This is usually in the form of a client dashboard chat service that goes right to my phone.  All they have to do is log in, open a chatbox, and I'll text them back as soon as I can.  If I happen to be offline, I will make sure they see my automated message asking them to leave their email and phone number so I can respond if they're not online when I get back.

Having a direct line to you will increase your conversions, your customers will feel more secure, and it will make you look very professional since your response times are far better than anyone they've ever worked with.

Always be willing to help a customer
It doesn't matter if you just worked 10 hours in a row writing content, building backlinks, or designing a website.  If a customer contacts you, then you need to respond to them, not tomorrow or after you take a nap, respond to them now, so they know you're responsive!

I hate talking via email, but I will respond to anyone that sends one in.  Of course, I'll mention that they can get a quicker response via live chat or facebook messenger, but some people want to talk via email for some reason, so I work with them on that lol.

If you're getting customer tickets, emails, chats, etc. and you think "I'll talk to them later" then you're not going to run a successful business for long.  People want to talk with you when they're online, not when you're online, so be ready to talk at all hours of the day no matter where you are or what you're doing lol.

Final thoughts,
It could take a couple of years before you see your digital business starting to get a little successful.  You should never chase success because that's one way to get distracted from doing quality work for your customers.  Instead, focus on bringing on new clients and doing what you can to help them out as much as possible.  If you can be responsive and give them a direct line to you, they will be more at ease if they come across a problem, so be ready to talk with frantic business owners at midnight lol.

Thanks for reading!

- Tommy


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