Recruiting freelancers as your workforce is the easiest way to scale

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Recruiting freelancers as your workforce is the easiest way to scale

Many people out there want to run massive companies and have hundreds of employees working for them so they can sit back, collect a nice big check, and be the boss.  What a lot of people don't understand is that getting to a fortune 500 company level is almost impossible, but you can still use freelancers to have a solid workforce that can help you scale your business exponentially.

Whenever someone hears the word "Outsource," they tend to think one of two things.  They either think "That's a horrible idea because I'll likely get scammed!" or they think "That's an awesome idea, I can save money and hire people overseas who are better than anyone around me!".  You want to think of outsourcing as a way to bring people on board to get a job done, but you also want to make sure those people can do the work you need to be done.  There are plenty of scammers out there, so be careful and do your research before bringing someone on board.

Now then, let us talk about how freelancers can be the workforce in which help your business scale exponentially.

You're able to access better talent across the globe
You could live in Silicon Valley and talk to programmers with 160+ IQs all day long, but that's not where we all live, which means our talent pools may not be very deep.  This is where freelancers come in, people from all over the world because they can help you with what you need to get done and they are more than qualified to do the job.

I've hired countless freelancers over the last 15 years, and I've got a list of very talented people who can get almost anything done that I need to work on.  I don't share this list, sorry; I'm just giving you an example of how long it takes to get a good set of people that are ready whenever you need something done lol.  Now, I didn't always outsource my work, so I wasn't actively looking for great freelancers, so you could likely cut that time down to 6 months and have a roster full of heavy hitters that cost a fraction of the price compared to the people who live near you.

Freelancers want to complete your orders on time
A freelancer lives by the work they complete for you because you'll more than likely leave them a positive review once everything is finished.  If they get a negative review on their service, that could hurt their sales, so they'll usually act professional and submit top-notch work, so you are more than happy to leave positive words when the job is done.

A majority of freelancers will complete their tasks on time, or early, which is nice because you never want to miss a deadline even if it's your own business.

No need for a salary, pay as you need to
One of the best things about bringing a freelancer on board is that you're paying them to do a job, not always hourly, and that means there is no salary pay involved.  They do the job, get paid a set amount, and you contact them again when you need more work done.

I do have some freelancers, mostly the programmers and designers, that will request an hourly wage while working on a project.  I trust the ones I've worked with over the years, and they tell me how many hours they think it will take and how many hours it took when they're done.  If they submit me something that breaks in a day, they fix it for free, and I send them more work when it comes across my desk lol.

Use your "employees" as social proof
A lot of companies, especially SEO agencies, will say something like "Our team of 150 rockstars will do what it takes to help build your website's authority!".  What they're saying is "We outsource to 150 different freelancers and get the job done for cheaper than you'd expect!" lol             

You can put whatever number you want on your website, it's not like someone is going to ask if they can talk to all of your employees, don't get crazy with a number like 5,000 people, and you're a single man show haha.

Final thoughts,
Outsourcing work to freelancers that do great work is one way you can save a lot of money and put it back into your business to scale it exponentially.  You're not spending money on salary when there isn't any work to be done, you're getting a better deal overseas because of the exchange rates, and you have extremely qualified people working on your project who will go directly through you and not to your customer.  It's a win-win in my books, and I'm sure it is in yours as well Recruiting freelancers as your workforce is the easiest way to scale

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