How to start your own SaaS company

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How to start your own SaaS company

There are billionaires today that started making money online through a SaaS company which they sold and then started to scale up their business experience.  One of these billionaires that I can think of is Mark Cuban, who owned a SaaS company that helped people listen to their favorite sports games over the internet.  He sold to Yahoo for 5.6 billion dollars, yes that's BILLION, and it wasn't even his first successful journey as an entrepreneur lol.

Starting your own SaaS company isn't exactly easy, even if you know what you want to do, because it takes countless hours of work to get it running just right and I'm not even factoring in the SEO and Marketing that would need to take place to bring in the traffic!

If you're like a lot of people out there, you might not know what SaaS stands for, and I was one of you for the longest time!  The term SaaS stands for "Software as a Service," and it's pretty much any membership website you come across that has you sign up for a monthly fee.  Think of it as a piece of software that you don't download to your computer, software you still pay a monthly fee for, and it's housed on a website that you have access to 24/7.

Below I'll go over how you can start your own SaaS company, and it might be easier than you would think.

Find the right freelance programmers
Now, you can find the best freelancers to get the job done or bring someone in house, but it's usually cheaper to hire a freelancer, and that's why I'm suggesting it.  You can browse around here, or your favorite freelance marketplace, and start talking to programmers to see what they can do for you.  Understand their background, what they've done already, and what they can do for you.

If your freelance programmers can type up scripts in various languages, get everything to work well together online, then they will be the person you need to bring on board.

Build your own SaaS sites
Whenever you hear someone say they're making a killing with a SaaS site, it's usually their own.  Some people think they're selling scripts on a marketplace, but it's a membership site they're running.  What you'll want to do is have your programmer and designer build something that a niche needs, take over the niche while gaining monthly members, and then have your website selling SaaS development services for anyone that wants to pay you to build them something from scratch.

Your own SaaS website(s) will be a sort of example as to what you can build for your clients, and they will love the work I hope, so be sure to link your SaaS programming and design service into the footer of your own SaaS site How to start your own SaaS company

Everyone has an App idea, so build them!
Right now there is a flood of Apps on every marketplace out there, and some of the simplest ones are making a killing online.  There are programmers out there working with teams of developers and designers on single apps that will likely rake in hundreds of thousands of dollars each day (yes, daily) because of how well they were built and how addictive they are.  Remember the app Clash of Clans?  Well, they were reported to be making $500,000+ per day when they peaked, and that means if they kept that up for one month, they would have pulled in anywhere from $14,000,000 to $15,500,000 with a single app they developed.

You probably won't strike it rich like that, but you can develop some smaller apps for $10,000+ that people will love.  You can develop them for your library and profit, or you can make them for clients who will pay you a premium.  If the app is successful, the client will likely come back for a second or even a third app, and you can always charge them a premium because you already delivered something profitable for them How to start your own SaaS company

Ask for referrals and give discounts
This isn't anything new, but you should ask for referrals from some of your happier customers.  You can even offer a discount for every referral that signs up through a sort of affiliate link you give out.  You can even set up an affiliate program and tell your customers they'll make $XX per paying referral and you'd be surprised how many people start pitching your links around the internet lol How to start your own SaaS company

Final thoughts,
Building your own SaaS company is a fancy way of saying you're going to run your membership website.  You can do this by running a few plugins together, or you can have programmers come on board and custom code everything.  It depends on your budget and how much knowledge you have in this area.  I tend to outsource all my programming needs because I can't do it, but I save money on the marketing end because that's what I do for a living lol.  If you think you have a good idea for a SaaS company, set it up and see where it takes you, you'll never know if it could have been successful unless you try How to start your own SaaS company

Thanks for reading How to start your own SaaS company

- Tommy


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