Expanding your digital empire is easier than you would think

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Expanding your digital empire is easier than you would think

Whenever someone is setting up multiple websites in various niches, I always wonder what their end game is.  They seem to have a lot of things going on when trying to expand their revenues streams but they're making it extremely difficult on themselves.  If they stuck within one niche, shared the traffic, and used all of their websites to profit from the main audience, then they would be much more successful in a short amount of time.

Think about it; if you were to start a website in the automotive industry and one in the knitting industry, you would be working full time on two different sites and starting from scratch.  Now, if you were to start two different websites within the same niche, but they're offering different services or products, you could use both of those sites to boost each other up and make the second one more successful in a short amount of time.

Get one site going and make it successful
When you want to build an online empire, you'll need to take it one step at a time.  You won't have time to start ten different websites, do all of the marketing and SEO for each of them, and be successful.  You'll quickly realize that working on one of your websites is a full-time job and you won't be able to show a second or third site any love until your first is stable enough to bring on a business manager.

Instead, build one site and run it as a business.  Once it gets successful enough, then you can start branching off into a second area of your niche and use your first website to boost it.

Use your main website as a launchpad for new sites
Think about it, if you had a successful website and you started a second site within the same niche, don't you think it would be wise to let everyone from your first website know about what's new in your site list?  You'd skip ahead in your timeline 1+ years and not have to worry as much about the marketing since you can simply add your new websites URL to any newsletter that goes out for the first site.

Take your new site and piggyback off of the already successful one and you will create a second income stream much quicker than you could if you started two sites at the same time.

Run ads for each of your websites
When you want to kick your traffic and sale up a notch, you'll likely lean towards paid advertising like Adwords and Bing Ads.  What you'll want to do is run ads for your main site, as well as your secondary sites, and make sure everything is linked together properly.  Be sure to have all of your websites linked together within the footer of each site, make sure each site is listed in any onboarding emails, and be sure everyone knows about all of your sites once they land on your main one Expanding your digital empire is easier than you would think

You can run an ad for each of your websites, and since you should already have one successful site up and running, you can use some of the profits from that one to boost your secondary sites.

Use a hub for all incoming emails and tickets
One thing I can't stress enough, something that won't help you become more successful with a second site but is a time-saver, is to use one ticketing system for every single one of your sites.  This is a way you can avoid logging into two or even 15 different ticket systems through the back end of your website.  You can log into the one ticket system and see who's contacting you and from where.

Final thoughts,
It's good to have a lot of ideas on how you want to expand, but it's not always the right time to take the plunge, so be sure you know what you're doing and invest as much time as necessary into your main site and worry about secondary sites later on.  Build your main site up to a powerhouse within your niche and then start thinking about your secondary sites Expanding your digital empire is easier than you would think

Thanks for reading Expanding your digital empire is easier than you would think

- Tommy


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