Your frustrations could be a digital goldmine.

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Your frustrations could be a digital goldmine.

There have been many inventions over the last ten years that derived from someone getting frustrated about their current situation, experience, or they just hated a product so much they needed to make it better lol.  Your frustrations can be a goldmine if you start thinking about ways to relieve your stress and can make a product or service that remedies it.

How can you reduce a certain frustration?
I recently read an article about a guy who hated his wallet and made a new one that clipped to his pocket.  He hated digging into his pocket, pulling out this big bulky thing, and sifting through it to find what he needed.  I can understand his emotions when he said something like "It was a pain in my ass" because I have a big wallet with a lot of crap in it as well lol.

His invention was simple; it was a slim metal case that could hold your ID and some cards as well as some cash if needed.  He made it look ballistic, rugged, and people gravitated towards it like moths to a flame.  He was generating a million in profit each month before his company was a year old, and it was all because he fixed his frustration and decided to launch a product for everyone else in the same situation.

How many people experience the same frustration?
If you're sure there is a decent amount of people that would purchase your product, try to launch it and see what happens.  You can always do your keyword research, figure out how many people are searching for something like your idea, and get a better idea of how successful it will be.

You won't want to go on an open forum and say "I'm thinking of making (product) and how many of you would purchase it?" because everyone will say they love the idea and that means you could now have competition on your hands from the lurkers reading your post.  You could also have a friendlier community, one that boosts you up, but in reality, your product might flop when it gets in front of the general population.

Be sure to do as much research as possible, so you know your product will sell well.

Can you build a product on your own?
If you can build the product on your own that is awesome and not so great at the same time, if you can build it on your own, you can get a prototype made, but so can everyone else.  This means you will need to be quite about the entire thing and then throw it on Kickstarter to get some initial funding coming in so you can mass-produce everything. 

If you have a successful campaign, and people are still buying from you through your website and Amazon, then keep scaling and see where you can go from there Your frustrations could be a digital goldmine.

Do you know how to run Facebook ads and to retarget?
When it comes to a product like this, one that helps peoples frustrations, you can go viral rather quickly.  You can get in front of a ton of people by simply using Facebook ads and retargeting.  Set up some ads, put the Facebook pixel on your website, set up some retargeting ads, and let that sucker run while you tweak its performance Your frustrations could be a digital goldmine.

You might strike it rich with your first campaign, or you might go broke, but there's only one way to find out Your frustrations could be a digital goldmine.

Final Thoughts,
A lot of products that fix someone's frustration tend to sell well online.  They go viral quickly, but it's up to you to keep the success train chugging along the tracks and keep pulling in customers.  You don't need to reinvent the wheel here, you can make a current product even better, and it will likely sell well.  Everything comes down to the research before launching, so be sure you can make money before you spend anything Your frustrations could be a digital goldmine.

Thanks for reading Your frustrations could be a digital goldmine.

- Tommy


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