What Is Server Management?

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What Is Server Management?

Server management is a vague term, and server management services may vary from one provider to the other. Nonetheless, at its core, server management refers to gaining control or access to a physical, virtual or application server in order to execute various administrative or maintenance operations. It also includes server monitoring and visibility, to understand how a server is operating and how you can optimize it to improve performance.
Maintaining a server is not as easy as it looks. Keeping an eye on server performance and utilization levels can consume more time than required. Administering servers may get worse when you involve multiple servers in operations. You certainly won’t have the time to log into server administration consoles manually, not one machine after another. That’s why you onboard server management services.
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Server management is called the act of managing server infrastructure and overseeing its performance by continuous monitoring using various tools or methodologies. Server performance management helps in increasing the agility of business-critical applications and aims at optimizing the performance of both physical and virtual servers.

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