How to run your own SERP Checker service today

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How to run your own SERP Checker service today

There are many free SERP checker services out there, but they are usually limited and almost always link to a big company like Ahrefs, SEMrush, or Moz which means you'd have to pay a premium for a real service.  What if I told you that there is a way to compete with them while not having to do a majority of the work?

Have you ever looked up a white-labeled service for SERP checking? 

I was recently looking up a white label SEO and Marketing service to start a new agency idea I had when I came across AgencyAnalytics.  They do a majority of what the big names are doing, but they're much cheaper if you start to compare them with everyone else.  They're cheaper if you plan to run this as a SaaS service and not use it for your own needs, even though you can if you'd like.

Find a company that White Labels
Like I mentioned above, I've come across AgencyAnalytics, and they seem to have a pretty powerful setup that anyone can use and sell as their service since it's able to be white-labeled.  This means you can put your branding on the dashboards of your clients and they will think you're running the show.

There are a few other services out there that I've come across, but the majority of them don't look as fancy, and we all know that a fancy design with pretty colors gets more attraction than something with amazing programming behind it but looks like it was designed in 1997.

Understand how much you need to charge
If you are paying $50 for five client accounts, that means you're paying $10 per account.  This means you can run at $10 per month and break even or you can run it at $12, $15, or even $25 a month to profit for every client that signs up. 

If you run an SEO service, Marketing service, PPC management service, or anything a website owner could benefit from then you could set your pricing at $10 a month to break even.  What you'll want to do is then place ads for your main services and entice people to click through.  Since your services benefit the SERP clients, you should be able to convert some of them and make more money than if you were to profit off of them for a membership.

Break down each membership level
You'll want to have tiered levels so people can sign up for a basic account, advanced account, and maybe a premium account that have different pricing structures because someone will get more in-depth tracking the more they're paying you each month.

Structure your membership levels in a way that gives a top paying client much more than if they were to purchase five different basic membership packages.  This way, they will realize your pricing is slightly discounted for what they are getting if they sign up for a premium membership.

Run Facebook ads and Adwords
A lot of companies will be competing with you for similar keywords, but not many of them will be direct competitors, and this is why you need to find a sweet spot.  Think of what you would search for exactly when trying to find a SERP tracker.  You could always target "SERP tracker" and get some clients on board, but you may be paying a premium for clicks, and not everyone will sign up.

You'll likely break even or lose a little bit of money your first few months bringing clients on board, but if your service is amazing, and it should be, you'll likely keep people on for 6+ months.  This means your clients sticking with you, and all the new ones coming on board, will make you profitable over time How to run your own SERP Checker service today

Add massive amounts of blog content
This is a pretty obvious step if you want to keep people coming to your website and purchasing your services.  You need to do all the proper keyword research, write detailed content, and even write up tutorials of how people can use your dashboard, so they know what they're getting into.

The more content you write, the better it is for your business in the long run, and the more people you'll convince to sign up How to run your own SERP Checker service today

Final Thoughts,
This still takes quite a lot of work, and you might not be successful at it, but it's worth trying out if you're looking for a new revenue stream.  This is a month to month type membership which means your clients will likely stick with you for a while if you run a good business.  You can make a decent amount of money off of this if you put in the time, effort, and try to get in front of as many people as possible How to run your own SERP Checker service today

Thanks for reading How to run your own SERP Checker service today

- Tommy


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