Know your strengths and hire specialists to work on your weaknesses

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Know your strengths and hire specialists to work on your weaknesses

Not many people are amazing at everything, in fact, not many people are amazing at a few things.  This shouldn't sway your drive the slightest because you can always hire someone to work on the sections of a job, website, or project that you're weak at.  Not everyone can program a script, design a website, or do SEO, and that's why we all work together to get the job done.

If you don't know what your weaknesses are, you likely don't want to admit them, and this discussion may help you out more than you think, so keep reading Know your strengths and hire specialists to work on your weaknesses

Write down all your strengths
I would think that most people out there know what their strengths are because they tend to use them to make money online.  My strengths are related to SEO, Marketing, and Sales, but that might not be everyones.

Knowing your strengths will help you understand what you DON'T need help with when it comes to a job, setting up a website, building something, etc. because you can handle those parts.  You don't want to bring on a freelancer with the same strengths as you because certain parts of your business or project will be amazing while others will crumble the entire thing no matter how well you did your job.

Write down all of your weaknesses
When I think off the top of my head about what my weaknesses are, I can think of web design and programming as my main two; I will always need help with.  I'm horrible at programming, and my design skills are as good as the theme I purchased from ThemeForest lol Know your strengths and hire specialists to work on your weaknesses

Since I know my weaknesses, I can hire freelancers to fill those gaps, and I will be able to do almost anything online for myself as well as a client in need.

There's no shame in being honest with yourself
Don't think you're less of a person because you can't do everything.  You know who Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg are, right?  Do you think they build their fortunes by themselves?  NOPE!  They had plenty of people around them who filled in skill gaps, and that's what made them better from the start.  Sure, they had a lot of programming experience between their groups, but their skills were vast, and everyone had specialties.

So what if you can do all the SEO with your eyes closed but can't program a complex script overnight.  Hire a freelancer who can do the programming, and you focus on the stuff you're great at, and your work will flow easier than you ever expected lol.

Final Thoughts,
You can build a team to have people in your stable that are ready to work whenever you need them.  You need to know what they can do, how quickly they can do it, and work with them side by side while performing your special tasks to be successful.  You can't do everything alone, and if you can you'll likely be overworked and super stressed, so let some amazing freelancers help you out with the parts of a project you're not best in Know your strengths and hire specialists to work on your weaknesses

Thanks for reading!

- Tommy


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Thanks For Your Motivation again, TommyCarey.

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