Build your own freelancing team so you can focus on traffic and lead generation

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Build your own freelancing team so you can focus on traffic and lead generation

There are a lot of people out there that have freelancers they outsource to when there is more work to be handled than their team can accomplish in time.  Instead of running into this problem, why not have a team of freelancers who will do all of the work, and you'll never have to worry about anything other than generating traffic and leads for your website?

Over the years, I've been working with dozens of freelancers and find new ones each month who have the skills to help me out when I need them.  I've recently started treating them like a team and bringing them together to get everyone on the same track so work gets done much quicker and there is less communication that could be missed.

Pick the best freelancers for your services
We work in a digital world, and that means you can hire the best talent from anywhere, not just down the street, so tap into it and see who you can get!  I have freelancers in India, the UK, Australia, the US, and the Phillippines who all do amazing work for me and I would never have gotten one of them on board because of how far they are from my physical location.

I vetted plenty of freelancers, chose a select few that I thought could get the work done as well as mesh together internally, and started to get the jobs flowing.

Hire a freelancer manager
You won't be able to do everything on your own, so you'll want to think of bringing on a freelancer as a manager for all the other freelancers.  This will be like a business manager, but they're still a freelancer, they have some business experience and aren't afraid to tell someone No lol.

Your freelancer manager will help you make some decisions, fire freelancers that don't do well, bring on new freelancers they think could get the job done, manage the orders/work, and reduce your workload so you can focus on generating more sales.

Get everyone on Skype, Slack, or Discord
Bring every single one of your freelancers into the same chat group so they can talk and send each other work that needs help.  Someone with graphic design skills can do the logos and images then send them directly to the web design freelancer who will add them to the site.  If you were to do all of this yourself, all while running your business, you would take much longer and likely be more stressed.

If you put everyone in the same chat, they can talk amongst themselves, and they will perform much better because there is no micro-managers filtering messages.

In the end,
You can have a very successful team of freelancers working together to get the jobs done without you having to interact with them at all.  You generate leads and sales then let your freelancer manager get to work delegating tasks and you focus on bringing in more clients.  If you get everything working well, you can have a very profitable business within a year, and your freelancers will never leave Build your own freelancing team so you can focus on traffic and lead generation

Thanks for reading!

- Tommy


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