User level demotion issue

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User level demotion issue

I have been working at SEC Clerks since 17th March'19 and i have already gained Level 3 but unfortunately i have seen my level showing that Level 1. it will likely be because I have an infraction for something but There is nothing in bottom of my public profile. I have same problem like this. please suggest me a solution and tell me how can i can retrieve my level.

Please advise what is the reason and how i can retrieve my level.



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It maybe was a glitch on website. Now i see you are back to level 3.
BTW you gained level 3 quiet fast in regards to other newbies, well done. Boost your affiliate activities so you can elevate further to level 4 - 5 or level X User level demotion issue

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thank you so much for your valuable time. yes but I don't have much more ideas about affiliate. There is only a affiliate link

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